As a Psychic Medium, one of the hardest parts of the job is helping a parent cope with the loss of a child; however, that said, it’s also one of the most rewarding aspects.

For the purpose of today’s blog, I am going to focus on the loss that comes in the form of miscarriages and abortions and I hope to provide you with some insight as to my experience with communicating with the child.

Often times, when someone sits in front of me one of the last people they even remotely think will come through would be that of a miscarried / aborted child; however, they often are within the first wave of the reading.

One of the very first things that has been relayed to me by both types of children is that “Everything happened as it should have. That lessons were learned by both sides.”

I was at the mall one time and I saw a woman sitting outside of a Starbucks enjoying a coffee, but she wasn’t alone as there was a young child with her in spirit. This particular child wanted her mother to know that she was alright and to not blame herself anymore.

“It’s not her fault,” the little girl said, “everything happens exactly as it should and she shouldn’t feel like something is wrong with her.”

The above statement resounds from both sides of the spectrum of either miscarried or an aborted child. I had never realized that many internalize and blame (often to the point of beating themselves up emotionally) themselves or feel guilty (as in the case in many abortions).

One particular case of a miscarriage, I can remember the spirit child standing in the room and saying, “Mom and Dad had to be drawn closer and through this their relationship will strengthen.”

Powerful stuff when you stop and think about it!

I have gotten both cases where it was to draw the family closer together or, in some way, bring about the transition out of a relationship — in many cases it is a toxic relationship when this is the reasoning.
“Tell mom not to cry anymore! I’m here and I always will be!”

Spirit children are very compassionate and understanding as to either your choice or the reasoning why this occurred — it’s important to remember that they too have learned a needed lesson.

We as beings of humanity have what seem like very real reasons to hold on, to be angry, to blame, etc. Yet, the spirit world is understanding and everything comes from a place of love, light, forgiveness and compassion! So, the human nature of being guilty and the plethora of emotions that often follow the passing of a loved one is just that — human!

Lets talk about abortion, many woman who have made this choice often reach a place where they feel guilty and become depressed. The child, however, comes through and let’s you know that you made the right choice and decision for you and for all the right reasons! It is important for you to know that they are aware of the WHY ….

During an abortion the child transitions just like any other person making the transition — it is done without pain or suffering. I also know, from my communications with this type of spirit, that he/she typically lingers a day or two before heading into the light. It is imperative for them to know you are starting your healing / recovery process prior to returning home.

So, the good news here is … THE CHILD IS NOT ANGRY WITH YOU! And all relay the message that they were NOT murdered … that “abortion” is a type of death. Some people need a very brief karmic lesson and typically this is why they have selected either abortion, miscarriage, and stillborn as a transition method.

With regards to miscarriages and still births, these children transition like anyone else. They will stay around for their service ( most spirits do ) and will spend a lot of time with their parent during this time.

Now, once they arrive on the Otherside, it’s my understanding that they go through a brief afterlife review and then are debriefed and go through a healing of sorts — tended to by light beings and masters to help during the transition. (FYI This method of debriefing happens with suicides, murders, and other violent/sudden death)

Furthermore, the child is apart of the Spirit World again and therefore are “tuned in” to your vibrational frequency and thus know what is going on with you, the family, etc. They are watching and are aware from Spirit and, in many cases, come in “visitation” and check up on the family.

Visitation is where a spirit journeys to where you are — it could be the reason why you may suddenly think of them, feel them, etc. It is their way to be connected and let you know they are still around!

In addition, be it a miscarriage, aborted, or still birth the child always comes through and wants you to know that he/she is still very involved in your life! In some cases, the child wishes to be born at a later time to the exact same parent.


If you have experienced the “loss” of a child, of any kind, and are having difficulty dealing with it — take comfort in knowing that they are an ever present beacon of light in your life. Pay close attention to the goings on with your current children (if applicable ) or just in your daily life — you are more than likely going to experience proof that they are indeed with you.

Also, it has been reported, that they tend to encourage the child within you to come out so you may experience moments of giddiness …

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William Constantine is a beacon of light guiding others through words of empowerment for over a decade providing a foundation rooted in hands on experience as a professional psychic medium, spiritual and psychic counselor.