What is a spirit? This question is very common and many people are keen to know what it really means. The Spirit is an actual part of you, and your body is a vessel. When a person dies, they leave this vessel behind, letting the soul go free to its real home - heaven. However, there are many people who never reach God's house and thus become earthbound. There are many reasons for it such as, a sudden death, a mental attachment, fear of the afterlife and more. Without a vessel (body), the soul is just an energy, which can be seen by those who are specially blessed.

The spirit is invisible and no one can talk or see it directly. Earthbounds can attach either to a person or a place. The person who gets attached to an earthbound (known as a possession or spirit attachment) or the place it gets attached to, becomes haunted. When this soul gets attached to a place or person, it either gets intentionally attached, or confused, in many cases.

Identifying an earthbound attachment

The characteristics of an earthbound attachment depend on its rigorousness and its form. A person can feel like someone else, acting out of character. Some unresolved health issues can also develop. You can also feel some deep emotion inside. In the most serious of cases, a person can also see weird things, hear some unpleasant noises, or act like someone else.

Spirit Release
When an earthbound gets attached to someone or some place, it can change the destiny within seconds. This attachment can be intentional or accidental, but the consequences can fluctuate. The consequences can be unexplained-
* Sadness
* Depression
* Behaviour changes
* Hearing voices
* Memory problems
* Unexpected pains
* Fear and phobias
* Anxiety and many more

Benefits of Spirit Release
When an earthbound has been attached to a place or person, it needs a quick release. The spirit release can be done by a Spiritual Healer. In general, spirit release is a kind of freedom from an energy, ghost or spirit. As compared to humans, spirits vibrate at a much higher frequency, which makes them only noticeable by highly attuned people, or specific equipment. After the release process, one can feel contented and lighter. The body feels relaxed and free. It's more like releasing of some negative energy from the body.

To get effective results, it is always recommended to get the assistance of a spiritual healer who knows how to deal with an earthbound, and how to set this spirit free. Today, there are many spiritual healers who can help you to escape from this problem. The therapy of spiritual release can be carried out either in person, or by a remote clearing. The methods of spirit release are not at all frightening or dangerous, and once the therapy is done correctly, a person feels lighter and happier. Some people often feel some kind of energy shift, as time passes after the earthbound spirit has been released.

Everyone's experience is different, but the results are the same - a clearer mind, reduced anxiety, and a sense of being back to your normal self.

Author's Bio: 

Jas bassi is an accredited spiritual healer who has written many video blogs and blogs on spiritual healing, meditation, hypnosis and many more