Answering this question these days is an extremely difficult task. It doesn't mean that we won't be able to find an answer, but as soon as we answer, another answer immediately appears, which immediately invalidates the previous one. To find out more about art, please visit

What is Art?

 However, paintings, products, behaviors and activities that are called "art" appear all over the world; there are always “art” exhibitions, and there are countless museums and collectors everywhere that collect a wide variety of items that are classified as “art”. Basically, "art" is no different from a trade, from an activity that creates numerical value that constantly brings about innovations and developments. At the same time, the contradictory, conflict-laden definitions of art are constantly being updated - it is not that we do not know enough about art: we already know far too much!
Nevertheless, our society as a whole needs something we call “art”. But what this society needs is an art that moves on another dimension. In the current situation, art is in a context in which it is censured, questioned and negated: what is called "art" has already become a method, a way of actively expressing today's society.

What is good Art?

The current situation is not that complicated, you simply need so-called experts who can appropriately criticize art. In addition, public awareness of society as a whole must recognize that art is a method of expressing ideas from new perspectives. Only when there is such a consensus is it possible to judge, using artistic practices, which "art" is important. The prerequisite for this assessment is that there is no limitation by a medium or a method. In other words, the so-called art is a spiritual force, a method of expression. In today's world, art is primarily concerned with the existential value of human beings, with the intellectual aspirations of a person pursuing an artistic activity.

Why Art is important?

The existence of the art world should serve the purpose of remembering, upholding, protecting those who take care of the world. Pessimistically speaking, this world would be much darker without real, meaningful art. Because of that, what is called art can be so diverse, chaotic, cross-border or amateurish - it still has a relieving function - because in the end the world of art is intimately connected with the world of people because it is only thanks to the peculiarity of art gives an interpretation and symbolic interpretation of the meaning of the world. Only then can we take a stand when we look at art and find a refuge for our conscience.


Therefore, when we talk about art today and make real art, we must first respect the people who make art; their existence has meaning for this world. If there is a lack of respect and understanding for these people, then we cannot understand art either, then there is no starting point from which to speak about art, because art in its diversity, complexity and fashion apparently does not follow any principles. As for people in the world today, when creating, enjoying, researching and preserving art, it should be permeated with an idealistic spirit; as artists, they should remain true to the principles that make up a significant artistic existence and discover and appreciate these real people of art.


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