We can gain academic knowledge after studying thoroughly but to put it into practical use we require a good knowledge of the current affairs taking place around us. It is very essential to stay updated not only to stay aware but also to grow in life both academically and personally. We are taught to pay attention on the current affairs since our school life. As we grow up, the importance of current affairs in our lives increases. We realize the importance of staying aware and vigilant. General knowledge refers to the knowledge regarding the current affairs around us and the incidents that took place in the past.

Current affairs are the recent events or incidents taking place around us while general knowledge is the information regarding events that have already taken place in the past. They both serve the similar purpose of spreading awareness. Awareness is a cover that protects you from the dangerous outside forces. It helps you keep a check on the prevailing conditions in the society and gives you ample amount of time to deal with it. Current affairs have also brought the world closer. Exchange of confidential information between countries has led to peaceful environment in the world. The private boundaries have been erased which has made the countries more inter-dependant on each other. Current affairs have helped us to understand the cultures of various countries.

Some of us wonder why it is so important to be updated with current affairs or India or of the world. The answer lies within our environment. We encounter various situations in our day to day lives. We come across tragic incidents which have devastated many. What makes us think that we will not be the next targets? Nothing can be anticipated in this present world.

The focus on current affairs begins from school level. They instill in us a habit of learning the current affairs not only of India but all around the world. The Government has ensured that the new education system consists of a broad structure of learning which would not only impart academic knowledge to the students but also enlarge their vision to perceive the world. This has been very fruitful since many students get into the habit of reading newspapers and watching news channels due to a constant push by their teachers and parents.

It is an unpredictable world an anything can occur any moment. Especially, natural disasters are unpredictable. Recently, in 2011, a devastating Earthquake hit Japan killing millions of people and ruining the entire country. In a matter of few minutes, this Current affairs was spread throughout the world. It helped many neighboring countries to take necessary precautions

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