What is a gift card?
A gift card is a small card, usually laminated or cardboard, which can be credited with a certain amount. These cards can be used online or in stores, and it's an excellent gift idea to be sure to please! If you are looking to offer a last-minute gift or if you have no idea how to spoil one of your loved ones, the gift card is a perfect surprise. Simple to use, it allows the beneficiary to buy what he wants. In this way, there is no risk of making a mistake in choosing the gift! It's a great solution to prevent the recipient from receiving duplicate gifts, and you'll be sure to get them something they like.

Where to buy gift cards?
Prepaidify is an online shopping platform that makes it easy to buy popular card brands like Google Play, iTunes, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and over 400 cards from certified retailers. You can purchase gift cards in various denominations, and the gift card recipient can select their desired payment method. At Prepaidify, you can buy gift cards with bitcoin.

Using Gift Cards
To be able to use a gift card, whether physical or virtual, it must first be activated. Without this activation, the gift voucher has no value! It is also very secure since if you lose it before it is activated, no one else can use it. If you buy the voucher directly in-store, it is during checkout that it will start on its own. You won't have to do anything more. Make sure with the cashier that it is activated. Also, remember to ask for a receipt if the gift card does not work! On the other hand, if you order it online, you will have to activate the card directly on the site where you buy it. To do this, you must retrieve the activation code received by email and save it in the dedicated space on the site.

The top merchants offering gift cards

Amazon gift card
The American online retail giant meets all your desires, from books to children's toys, including kitchen items, beauty products, high-tech, creative hobbies, and automobiles. Giving an Amazon gift card is sure to please the recipient!

Cdiscount gift card
Between furniture and decoration, DIY and gardening, Cdiscount stands out for its quality items, the great diversity of its catalog, and it's very affordable prices. In addition, the brand offers a gift card system to be redeemed on the Cdiscount site or the site of its partners.

Fnac gift card
Household appliances, cultural products, music accessories… Fnac delights children and adults alike. You will find a wide variety of articles and concert tickets, tickets for shows, or tickets for leisure parks. The Fnac gift card is an excellent idea for a successful surprise!
In conclusion, gift cards are a popular way to give a gift. They are convenient for the giver and the recipient. There are many different types of gift cards available. You can find the right card for any occasion.

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