If you are like me, you cannot help but wonder what is going on with the multitude of natural disasters showing up around the world continuously. It seems that every time you turn on the TV, another monumental disaster is happening or has already happened. Our hearts break for those thousands of people who have lost all their material possessions, but our hearts are even heavier for those who have lost loved ones. People may be feeling that “enough is enough”; it’s time to stop this deluge of devastation, loss and heartache.

We’ve talked before about the major shifting that has begun in our country and world. It began in a concerted effort in 2010 and will continue for some years, although there have been signs of it coming for some time before. Contrary to what the media says, we have not really hit bottom as they proclaim, and although there may be some small signs of recovery, we are not really on the road to recovery at present. The reason is that there are many more lessons and changes to occur before real recovery can materialize, and these major changes will be continuing into 2013 and beyond according to what astrologers and scholars tell us. The world isn’t working as it is, and the prediction is that this huge shift going on right now will create a different world in a few years, so that the world as we know it will not exist.

Whenever there is a big shift, things change. By nature, many people do not like change. Change brings uncertainties, endings, unknowns, insecurities, and a host of unsettling feelings and circumstances. This creates restlessness and a feeling of chaos within individuals who do not understand what is going on in our world. Our very foundation is being shaken; it is time to break down what is there and re-build from the ground up. It’s almost as if the very earth is rebelling against the way it presently is and forcing us to wake up, given all the chaos and eruption of disorder that is occurring.

To better understand what is going on due to planetary alignments, I contacted a gifted and accurate astrologer friend so that I could be sure to relay the information to you correctly. Two planets, Pluto and Uranus, have been “squaring off” since last summer. (this has to do with how they are aligning when referencing “squaring off”) When this squaring off began last summer, we experienced some havoc in our weather and in other ways. It is now happening again due to these two powerful planets as they appear in a challenging aspect to each other.

Pluto is in Capricorn at this time. Pluto is all about power – how we use it for good or misuse it. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is about following rules and integrity. Uranus is in Aries. Uranus rules sudden changes, explosions, winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, and Aries is the warrior. These planets have not squared off in these particular signs since the revolutionary war!

So what does this mean for our country and our lives? First of all, this alignment will be waning in intensity for the next seven years, all the way until 2018. Some of the affects could be earth changes and disruptive weather patterns. It could also affect financial institutions, business and government. False masks could be forced into removal to reveal a true identity. Basically, it is a time of revolution, internally and externally, and the revolution has begun.

We already can see evidence of disruptive weather patterns, corruption being unmasked, financial institutions experiencing volatile situations, and government in turmoil, not just in the United States, but globally. Bankruptcy, inflation, corruption, incomprehensible debt are common topics of discussion. While this may paint a dismal picture for you, and the sequence of events pelleting our country and lives may keep us reeling at times, the foundational shift is absolutely necessary to invoke change: endings and new beginnings, which is the cyclical aspect of life.

This change was predicted by Nostradamus many years ago when he said the world will end near the end of 2012, according to the Mayan calendar. Some people are taking this literally and believe the world will actually end, but many believe it simply refers to the ending of the world as it has been known. That world will no longer exist, making way for the creation of a new world. This seems to align with the predictions of astrologers who have been stating this as well. Our present world is not sustainable as it is; every life system is in decline according to experts who have been studying our socio-economic system and operation of the world. It’s a no-brainer then – change is inevitable!

So where does that leave you? You can step into fear as many have done and feel as if everything is coming apart at the seams. This can explain why so many individuals feel an internal restlessness that just won’t go away, and their life feels uncertain and completely stressed. However, I prefer to join many who see this change as a fantastic opportunity to make our world and lives better. We know the present world isn’t working as it is, so the shift allows new ideas, beliefs and ways of being and doing things to emerge. Wake-up calls usually don’t feel all that good upon contact, but in hindsight, an individual usually sees the great lessons and blessings surface as a result.

Instead of fearing all these changes, look for the opportunities. Whenever there is an unpleasant circumstance, once it is behind you, a gift is always revealed. There are many gifts already evident from the situations of this past year, and many more will follow through the rest of this historic shift.
Think of your own life right now. Perhaps you’ve experienced the ending of a job, a relationship, a friendship, financial loss, a move, whatever it may be. But if you look back over the experience, you learned valuable lessons and grew much stronger during the process. You may have stepped into a new venture you didn’t know possible. At some point, you probably were able to say, “This was a good thing after all,” or “It all worked out for the best in the end,” even though at first it wasn’t something you wanted to accept.

As we step into an ending of how it has been and proceed into a new beginning, it is a fabulous opportunity to create something better for all of us. After all, continuing to do the exact same thing and expecting a different outcome is simply insanity. I feel sure that you can agree that much of what is going on around us in government, corporations, Wall Street, education, healthcare and economics does appear insane. So it is the “now time” to let go of what isn’t working in order to open to new ways of thinking, seeing, and doing. How does the new way look?

It is complicated as we view it, but look deeper and you’ll see simple answers. We need to become more self-sustaining, less wasteful, produce more for ourselves in our community and country, cut spending, pay off debt, downsize, save for the future, help each other when needed, and shift our entire attitude of trying to create an image of who we are and actually become who we are meant to be. And guess where it all begins? With you! All the changes necessary to create a new world begin inside of you. What are your true gifts? What have you not seen that is trying to be revealed to you? What have you hidden from that needs to be confronted? What negative beliefs and patterns are you holding onto that no longer serve your highest good? Just like the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so does changing the world begin with one individual. It begins in the heart and soul with a new idea (vision), a belief that it can be accomplished, and action steps to make it happen. As others join in, soon a major transformation is in the works, and a new world is created.

One of your greatest gifts is your ability as a creator. You have both the power and capability of creating whatever you want to create, but you do need to plug into your source of power. I call that source God. When we connect to our power source, we can make things happen. Haven’t we as a people forgotten where our power comes from? Trying to operate the world and our lives on our own hasn’t worked too well, so myself and many others feel it is time to go back to our foundation of power and recreate our world from that space rather than from man’s viewpoint alone.

What is important to you, really important? Great loss helps us get more clarity on what is truly important and what is not. Although we deserve to enjoy the conveniences and pleasures of living, all our material acquisitions will be left behind when we leave this earth. So many individuals focus only on what they can acquire, feeling this identifies them as to who they are. But in actuality, these earthly acquisitions have nothing to do with who you are, for these all fade, break, leave and become tarnished over time. But who we are, the love that radiates from within us, and the gifts we share with the world, are the realness of our true self. Yet many individuals never see their true identity and continue to falsely acquire worldly goods and titles in the attempt to create the image they think people want to see.

As this major shift is happening right now, true identities will be revealed, and people will be forced to look deeply inside for their truth. Those who lose much of their worldly possessions in disasters such as we’ve been experiencing, learn quickly what is really important. Certainly it is devastating to lose all the material things you have acquired over the years, but if you are still alive, and your loved ones are safe, you are blessed beyond measure. Material losses can be rebuilt, repurchased and replenished, but lives cannot. And even in the midst of tragic human losses, those left behind often come together in a way they’ve never known before, understanding life differently, becoming stronger than they thought possible, and find themselves helping others as they travel through the process of loss; they grow spiritually with new awareness of what really matters - truth.

So what is going on, to sum it up for you, is a revolution in our country, world and individual lives so that transformation can take place, because the way it is hasn’t worked and a new paradigm must be born. In this shift and the creation of new, old patterns and beliefs will fall away so new, exciting ways of sustaining our lives differently can emerge. In this emergence of the new, we are being forced to see truth – in ourselves and the way we live, and what needs to be done to change the world. The shift feels tumultuous and is rocking the very foundation of all that has gone before, and you may be resisting it. However, rather than fear this major change, embrace it as a new adventure long overdue, so that you flow with whatever comes your way. In this space, you can feel total serenity no matter what is going on around you. In the end, you can look back over this transformation and say, ‘It all worked out for the best in the end.”
And so it is.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter, is an internationally known speaker, author of multiple books and audios that include "The Realness of a Woman," "Healing with Color," and "Angel Love", spiritual wholeness coach, trainer and angel channel whose passion is helping individuals move beyond their limitations and help them see they can do and be what they can envision. She is the owner of Where Miracles Happen Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center in Cumming, GA. Their services include life and health coaching, angel sessions, self-publishing coaching, energy healing, classes, certified trainings, and much more. She invites you to visit www.wheremiracleshappen.com for more information about how these services can benefit your life.