Have you ever wondered why some people get great results, while others don't? Why is it that for some, achieving goals is easy, while for others, it's a struggle?

It all has to do with your subconscious beliefs. Your beliefs are the foundation on which your thoughts, behaviours and actions are built. Some of your beliefs are conscious, and you are aware of them, while others are hidden, nonetheless controlling your decisions and the choices you make every day. So how do you find your subconscious beliefs if you are not even aware of them?

To fully understand what holds you back, you need to determine why and when you feel stuck, and how this shows up in your life. By answering the following questions, you will discover some of your limiting beliefs that might have been preventing you from succeeding.

What area of your life isn't going the way you would like it to?
Is there a pattern in your life that you seem to keep repeating?
How do you feel when this issue comes up?
What is the underlying emotion that keeps you stuck?
When was the first time you felt this way/had this problem (in childhood, early school years)?

Identifying the core emotion behind the block is crucial, as this will help you understand not just the problem, but also the energetic influence it has on your life. Your feelings are always the gateway to finding your core beliefs.

In order to move forward with your life and to get unstuck, you will need to change your old (limiting) beliefs. Make a conscious decision to observe any belief that holds you back and replace it with a new, supportive belief:

Choose different thoughts when you encounter a similar situation in the future!
Old thought: I am not good enough.
New thought: I might not be good at everything but I have great qualities such as _____.

Cultivate positive emotions in future situations!
Old feelings: trapped, anxious, nervous
New feelings: freedom, ease, courage

Respond differently by changing your behaviours and actions!
Old reaction: I keep myself small by focusing on my fears and what I am not good at thus not taking action.
New response: I gather all my courage; take a small step (any step) that will take me closer to my goal.

Analyse and review your progress (without judgement or negative self-talk) and make adjustments whenever needed. You are not trying to achieve perfection, but are simply learning new habits and creating a new focus to bring about a new and different outcome.

Real change happens from within and through experience. It starts with observing and understanding your true self and exploring different ways of responding to events than before. Whatever is holding you back right now, you have the power to change it.

Author's Bio: 

Emese Bodi is the founder of Shifting Perception, a life coaching company focusing on personal results through self-discovery and inner transformation.