The answer to the question "What is NLP?" is simple - 'It's the methodology for creating a wonderful and magnificent quality of life'.

What's more - anyone can learn it!

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It is known by various names such as the ‘science of creating excellence’, the ‘brain science’, the 'brain manual', ‘the language of brain’ and as I like to call it - “Self Improvement on Steroids”.

NLP is a revolutionary way of thinking about life.

It consists of a set of skills which can create some serious positive changes inside you and in those you choose to help. The possibilities are endless.

Neuro linguistic programming is all about how our brain works. This new way of learning about brain is the secret of its power and effectiveness.

Unlike traditional psychology, which focuses on what (content) and why (causes), NLP chooses to study the structure of the way brain receives, processes and represents information.

Let me tell you this in a little more detail to explain what is nlp..

‘Neuro’ stands for the sensory data collected by your five senses which eye, ear, touch, smell and taste.

In this technology, these are called visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. After the information has been received through one or more of these senses, it becomes ‘memory’.

‘Linguistic’ means use of language through which we make sense of our experiences or communicate to others.

Communication is far more than just words and body language. This is where most people begin and end their communication - far from effectiveness. Communication is also made up of how we think, what we believe and feel and our values.

In NLP, you will study these deep structures and ways to manipulate them to bring positive, lasting changes in yourself and others. Also, once you become fluent in doing this, you will become a ‘master communicator’ with the ability to influence others the way you want. You will be able to read people, understand them much deeply and become a mature communicator in a very short time.

'Programming' refers to the way our brains run our internal processes - making decisions, solving problems, learning, analysing and getting results. Using NLP, you can change the structure of these processes (which is called 'recoding') to get the kind of results you want.

This also means that there is no such thing as 'success' or 'failure'. There are only results - desired and undesired.

If you are producing undesired results in any area of your life (relationships, career, work, personal life etc), you just need to change your strategy.

So far in your life, you have always been producing some results. They may just not have been the kind that you desired. With NLP, you will get what you want!

NLP gives you everything you require to develop excellence in all areas of your life. It also makes doing it simpler and faster than other traditional self help systems.

The time span in achieving results is so less that I like to call it as 'Self Improvement on Steroids' (not that you actually need to have steroids for personal growth, I definitely don't mean that ;-)

NLP can help you in self-discovery and identifying and achieving your purpose in life. It can also help in spiritual aspects of your life. It is a 'wise' methodology for achieving wonderful, lasting and permanent levels of personal growth.

Instead of teeth-gritting and hard way of achieving excellence, NLP provides us the ability to make it all happen effortlessly.

NLP can be a little tricky to learn. But then what else can you expect when you are learning about the most complex and powerful machine in the universe - 'Your BRAIN'.

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Aery Prabhakar is the founder of Joy of NLP, a website committed to share the awesome self-improvement technology called Neuro-Linguistic Programming for free with the world. It can be visited here:

Aery Prabhakar is a peak authority on Inner Game and his expertise revolves around the core areas of human personality like Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Assertiveness Training. He's a Master NLP practitioner and a certified Hypnotherapist. He is the founder and CEO of Success Mantra Inc. and the Chairman of Aery Prabhakar Companies, all of which are devoted to make a difference in the lives of those willing to live their ultimate dreams and create a life full of choices.

Aery is a professional speaker and helps others break through their limiting beliefs, master their fears and discover their hidden and powerful selves through his seminars and personal coaching programs.His various personal development and educational programs helps individuals of all ages to live a life full of confidence and success.

He is the author of the book "The Tao of Confidence", which is a unique, comprehensive and step by step manual that guarantees to help the reader discover their super confident and powerful selves which already exists within every human being waiting to be tapped.