Oolong Tea: The Legend of the Black Dragon

You might have seen people inside the health store discussing the tea known as Oolong. Your own grandmother may have also been sipping a cup of Oolong while she sits laid-back on the recliner. British people are also attracted to this tea. What is the benefits of Oolong tea? The word Oolong starts from China which is formerly worded as "wu long" meaning black dragon. This is also a different type of tea which is known for its numerous health advantages. This is not like the black and the green tea herb mainly because Oolong is the type which is semi-fermented. Numerous studies have learned that Oolong keeps you feeling good and in condition while you shed off fats. Let's acquaint ourselves with the health rewards of the Oolong tea.

Lessens Blood Pressure Level

If you've been suffering from high blood pressure levels for a long time you might find serious advantages of Oolong tea. This isn't literally a magic drug which is the fantastic remedy for high blood pressure levels. Not surprisingly, you have to work your way to it. Doing the recommended workout and supplementing yourself with Oolong would certainly result to major adjustments to your blood pressure reading. Now rather than drinking your mid-day mug of coffee may as well change it with a cup of refreshing Oolong tea. A study made in 2005 had discovered that those people who drink a minimum of 2 cups of Oolong tea are 46% less likely to develop blood pressure.

Stress Reducer

Studies also have showed that depressed people are more prone to pig out. This is the primary reason why people become obese. They consume a lot of foods to reduce the stress. Get rid of that poor routine and indulge yourself with Oolong tea as an alternative. A survey made at the Japan Research Institute shows that Oolong contains polyphenols which is a great de-stressor. Therefore, instead of gaining weight gobbling those sweets and drinking champagne, drink a cup of Oolong tea instead.

Great for the Heart

Mortality rate significantly raised through the years due to the prevalence of heart illnesses which eventually result in heart attack, the main cause of fatality. When you sip Oolong tea regularly you're less likely to be affected by a heart disease given that Oolong dramatically decreases bad cholesterol in your system and eliminates of the unwanted fat. One way of staying healthy is by religiously taking in a cup of Oolong tea. Bring on the of Oolong!

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