It is very difficult to guess in the stock market. First of all, take this matter in mind that seeing from a distance can make you an expert in the market share market. Obviously, for this, you need to be very strong and fundamentally strong. Although you will be very strong in this area, it is not always necessary that the principles you have learned in this area are also practically applied as well.


Mainly the Primary Share Market and Secondary Share Market are the types of Share Market, a detailed analysis of this is given below.

1) Primary Share Market: -
Primary Share Market This is the first type of stock market. First of all, the company sells its shares by listing its shares in the stock exchange but for that, they have to first take an Initial Public Offering.

Only after getting the IPO, it is made available to buy its share public at the fixed price. Companies take help from stock exchanges like BSE, NSE, and Broker to reach the investors through the primary market.

If a company has to go for an Initial Public Offering then at that time it has to give full details like - Promoters, Financials, Businesses, your stock or stock, and their price, etc.

2) Secondary Share Market: -
When we come to share money in the stock market, we talk about the Secondary Share Market, because we only invest money in them. In this type of market already the shares of the listed company are purchased.


1) If a Stock Broker is needed in the Share Market, then first you should choose a stockbroker or stock Tips, take that fee too low and also give you good and best service.

2) The stock market should be treated as a business and you have to buy shares of the same company, you have understood its business.

3) Before investing in the stock market, you should also understand your financial status, what is your financial position, cash flow and ability to take risks. Not only does it cost money, but you have to think about your financial plan first.

4) The most important thing about the Share Market is that it is very important that you have complete and accurate information about the stock market. You should not take any decision in haste, otherwise, you have to pay a lot of costs.

5) In the stock market, anyone who wants to buy and sell a stock, always needs a stockbroker or stockbroker, when you take the help of a stock broker to invest in the stock market or to invest, first of all, You have to open two accounts from them, after opening this account "Demat Account" and "Trading Account" you can easily buy and sell any share.

6) Whenever you have to invest or invest in the stock market, it is very important to know all the details about the conditions of those companies before that.

7) If the rate of share growth in the stock market is low or the inflation rate is high, then keep an eye on the big companies, because in such a situation, large companies share good positions in comparison to smaller companies.

It is expected that now you will also want to invest money in the stock market only after taking full information about the Share Market.

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