I hear this question often, and the different guesses I get from people are numerous. The most simple and technical answer is that tarot is the usage of tarot cards to answer questions you may have. But the simple and technical answer is never the answer when it comes to actually having a tarot reading. The answers you seek when you consult a tarot card reading are often of the heart and of the soul, and they can open your eyes to knowledge that secretly, you already knew.

I suggest that if you have the chance, find a tarot card reader local to you so that the reader will be able to personally ask you questions and take the time to give you a detailed, accurate and personalized reading. There are many different layouts and styles used in answering different questions, and each of them has its pros and cons. A simple three card tarot layout gives the basic, but to the point view of the past, then the present, and then the future. If you have a question or issue that you feel requires a more in-depth look, then a tarot reading using the Celtic Cross layout is ideal. This layout utilizes several cards, as well as a card to represent the core emotion of the issue at hand. From the external forces that might be holding you back, to a look into how the issue can be resolved if you can get through personal obstacles, this tarot layout is one that will give you the best look into your future. Tarot is a powerful and ancient tool that will open your mind to all the possibilities that you haven't seen.

I have been reading tarot since I was child, and I was taught by my mother, who was taught by her mother before her, so it is a deeply personal gift that I want to share with others. Reading tarot can be a tool to finding the answers to questions that plague you. A tarot card reader uses the beautiful and powerful cards to construct a full view of your past, your present, and your possible futures constructed around a specific question. Through tarot, you will gain a great deal of information about your surrounding circumstances, the people that may be involved in the situation you have questions about, and even what emotions you yourself might be placing upon the situation.

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