Before suggesting to you the best type of bouquets, we would like to start by telling you what a sweet bouquet exactly is.

What exactly is a sweet bouquet?

A sweet bouquet is just like a normal bouquet with flowers – the only difference is that you can eat it and it's adorable. It contains anywhere up to 20 to 100 of the chocolate/candy, beautifully set in specially made boxes. It is a perfect gift for your loved one on any occasion, such as for a wedding, either Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. Mainly all the events you would usually send a bunch of flowers but want something a little different and a lot more special!

The best type of sweet bouquet for you

We all are obsessed with the most show-stopping gifts that we receive every year. One of them can be the sweet bouquet. This includes the cluster of all your favourite chocolates, candies, and sweets bunched together to intimate a bouquet. And they are pretty amazing.

Most people are after Cadbury's, KitKats, or maybe some Lindor, or even Ferrero Rocher, there are plenty of options for you too. Though to choose from, and the best thing is that they are not priced too badly either.

Staple Cadbury chocolate bouquet

This sweetest bouquet which you will love includes all the staple Cadbury chocolate bouquet. You can try the nuts Cadbury bouquet too. You will love it with simple milk chocolate on the top. Packaged beautifully in a lovely box accompanied by a bow or fresh flowers and petals, it's pretty much a treat. Plus, the cherry on the top is that you can get all of the Cadbury ones for cheapness! Nice, no?

Lindor Bouquet

Now comes the Lindor, the adorable Lindor chocolate with the lovely silk roses, white chocolate truffles, an amazing box of milk chocolate truffles and few Lindor chocolate bars would be perfect for you.

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Adding on the elegant Ferrero Rocher which you will adore in a sweet bouquet because of the hazelnut chocolate in it. And how cute it will be to gift it to yourself?

KitKat Bouquet

With KitKat and all the other mouthwatering chocolates, it is a perfect blend of everything you need for “pure indulgence.”

Anyone would simply be ecstatic receiving one of these and you will love it too. You will love to gift it to my loved ones. It is customized and made with love and most of all the things it is the perfect definition of love. Generally, it is extremely difficult for you to think of a gift for a guy whereas you can get anything for a girl, in our opinion this is the one. Guys love it as much as girls do. And one amazing thing about the sweet bouquet which will make you love it, even more, is that it is affordable. It is easily available plus you can DIY (Do It Yourself).

You can buy your favorite bouquet and then you can decorate it yourself. And it is super easy and a lot more convenient. You can do it in your way for producing a very lovely sweet bouquet.

Here’s a quick guide on the basic things you need to DIY a sweet bouquet:

  • Rice papers of different colors or colors of your preference. You can use the colours you like.
  • Skewer sticks.
  • Different colored ribbons for decoration purposes.
  • Paper strips.
  • Wrapping plastic paper.
  • A ruler.
  • Cutter or only scissors would work too.
  • Glue for sticking.
  • Few flowers.
  • And the most important thing, which is chocolates, A LOT OF THEM! And you can buy that from the store you like.



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