Some people might think that both CB and HAM radio are simply the same. The fact is they are completely different. If you want to use such radio but have no experience, go with HAM radio. This is a good option for all amateurs. Once you have gained enough experiences, you can move to CB radio. This one has a larger area coverage. It allows you to serve a lot more people. Is that the only thing that differentiate them? No, there are still many other factors. Stay with us to learn them all.

1. Covering Area
The covering area of HAM radio is comparatively shorter. Approximately, it can reach up to 10 miles. This enables you to only serve a few number of people in the operation. Moreover, you will need to get a license to use this radio. You can get it from the local government.
In contrast, CB radio has larger covering area. It can range from 70 to 80 miles in a span. But, in some cases, it can even reach up to 160 miles. Unlike HAM radio, you would not need a license for this type. However, you will need one prepared by central government if you want to operate a station.

2. Magnitude
HAM radio has larger frequency, which is about 43.4 MHz. Such frequency can cause shorter wavelength. That’s why the wave will not be able to go for a larger distance. Nonetheless, the transmission capability of this type is very high.
CB radio can provide you shorter frequency for about 0.4 MHz. It will allow you to have a larger wavelength. It is 100 times more than the HAM type. Since it has larger wavelength, that means it can travel for larger distance. It also offers larger penetration capability too.

3. Band Number
There are 14 bands you will find in HAM radio system. Due to this lower band number, the transmission capability is comparatively lower. Hence, this radio can only cover a smaller area.
CB radio has a much larger band number, which is over 50 bands. Since the band number is quite large, its transmission is more efficient. That enables you to cover a larger area.

4. Band Length
If one radio has a longer band length, it will have more area to cover. Generally, CB radio has 80 meters band length. But, if necessary, you can increase it up to 160 meters. That number ensures you to have wider area coverage.
HAM radio has smaller band length. Its span is less than 10 meters. So, the area coverage you can get from this type is much lower than CB.

For truckers, CB radio is simply a better option to have. However, do not think that all types of them have the same options. To find the best CB radio for trucks, choose several best models first. Then, compare them all so you know which one is the most suitable for you.

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