If you are trying to choose a gift for your male loved one or you are a man that is new to fragrance, you might be wondering what the right bottle size is. Indeed, you can purchase everything from 30 ml to 100 ml; so, what is the right size for men?

First of all, know that there is not one size that will fit all. Instead, you have to consider the person you are buying for, whether that is a friend or yourself. Here are some tips that can help you decide on the best bottle size.

The Sizes Available

To begin with, you want to be familiar with the sizes that are available for a men’s fragrance. Often, the smallest bottle will be 30 ml. This is a good size for travelling, as well as for those that want to test a fragrance but are not sure if they are going to like it. Indeed, the smallest bottles are going to be the most affordable of a scent. So, it means that you are not going to be paying a fortune for something that you only wear once if you do not like it.

Then, there are going to be varying sizes. For example, you can get 40 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml bottles. There are some male fragrances that go up to 100 ml. Indeed, the bigger the bottle, the more you can expect the price to be for perfume. Yes, you might get some deals on medium-sized bottles, which is something you may want to look out for on a fragrance you like. A bigger bottle is going to be ideal if you wear a fragrance every day and do not want it to run out any time soon.

The best place to shop for men’s fragrances is online. This is going to give you access not only to different scents and brands. But, it is also going to mean you have more options when it comes to size. For example, you can find everything from perfume to newborn baby products at Questmoor pharmacy. The variety of products you can shop for makes your life a whole lot easier. In particular, you can get a better option for perfumes and find a size that is going to suit your needs.

Consider Your Habits

Everybody is different when it comes to perfume. Some people are going to wear it a lot, while others only use a few sprays. You need to consider your habits when it comes to fragrances. This will allow you to select the right bottle size. Here are some things you should think about.

How Often You Wear Perfume

First, consider how often you wear a fragrance. Perhaps you are a man that likes to wear it every day when you are going to work. This can give your confidence a boost, and you can know you smell good. In this case, you are going to be better off choosing a larger bottle. Wearing it every day can mean that you go through a lot of perfume, and this is the best way to get your money’s worth

Alternatively, if you do not wear perfume every day, it can be better to buy a smaller perfume. Remember that fragrances can go off over time. If you have a bottle for too long, it can lose its great scent. So, buying a smaller bottle prevents this from happening and you from wasting your money.

Know How Many Sprays You Use

How many sprays of fragrance do you apply to the skin? This is something to think about because if you use many sprays, you will be better off with a larger bottle. Indeed, you will go through perfume faster if you are applying several sprays each time. If you only apply one or two sprays, this can mean you can buy a smaller bottle without wasting it.

Think About the Intensity You Like

Something else to consider is the intensity of the fragrance you like. For example, if you are someone that likes to have an intense scent, you are going to be better off choosing an Eau de Parfum. This allows you to enjoy intensity but without so many sprays. What’s more, you can purchase a smaller bottle in this case. When it comes to an Eau de Toilette, this is going to be not as intense. You might prefer to buy a larger bottle, as it will require more sprays to reason a similar intensity.

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