In our wildest dreams, we would all like the idea of being an abundance magnet. Being one allows us to live a life of our desire. We do not have to struggle nor have to worry about our ability to pay off our monthly loan installments. In reality, while many of us have these dreams, we actually have problems manifesting abundance for ourselves. However, if we can understand the mechanics of magnetizing abundance, then we would have fewer problems in making our dreams come true.

To begin with, you would need to make a firm intent. The worst way to try to accomplish any goal is to be doubtful. When you have doubt, you basically do not have believe in yourself and that it is possible. Being undecided sabotages your ability to becoming an abundance magnet. You can't decide to be abundant one day, and then wish you had your old mediocre life back the next day. Instead of always belly aching, use your on-going desires to motivate you to change from a life of lack to a life of abundance.

In order to be an abundance magnet, you have to train your mind to shift into having more positive thoughts. If you are constantly thinking that you will never be able to live the type of life you've always wanted, I guarantee that abundance will never enter your life. If you are not accustomed to thinking positive thoughts, you may initially face some problems in changing your mindset. Habits take time to form. Whether good or bad ones. Hence, even though it may take some time to adjust to your new way of thinking, be sure not to give up!

It is equally important to picture yourself being an abundance magnet. In order to create a clear picture in your mind, it can be helpful to create a vision board that has images of the life you desire. However, do make it a point not to solely focus on just materialistic desires. Attaining them may not necessarily make you happy. It is important to consider what abundance means to you and what your true dreams are. Doing so helps you to align with the desires in your heart. You increase your ability to magnetizing abundance when you engage a spiritual center of your being.

Becoming an abundance magnet does not mean that you do not take any actions in reaching for your dreams. You still need to take actions. If an inspired idea that will help you create the abundance in the area that you are looking for comes, you need to follow up with action. An idea that is aligned to your heart is not likely to feel like hard work. Instead of experiencing struggle, you will feel an intense passion.

Even if you experience a setback, it is important that you stay focused on your dream of abundance. Avoid giving in to doubt. On the other hand, always keep your thoughts positive. Becoming an abundance magnet can only become a reality when you realize that you truly deserve abundance, and expect it in your life.

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Evelyn Lim is a life coach with a passion in assisting others with their abundance consciousness. She is also a Vision Board Counselor, author and Intuitive Consultant. On her site, she provides several how-to articles on law of attraction manifestation, self awareness, meditation and positive affirmations to assist her readers in creating a life of abundance. Get bonus downloads when you subscribe to the newsletter on her site at