This article reveal to you Why You Are Jobless and how you can find your ideal job.

Since the start of year 2008 financial crisis, we have witness massive job loss and high unemployment rate around the global. Workers from developing countries and industrial countries finding it difficult to land any job let alone their dream job.

For example, the unemployment rate in US in slightly below 9%. The unemployment rate in Spanish is higher than 20%! This negatively affects them emotionally and financially.

The following are some of the factors lead to high unemployment rate around the global:

1) Outsourcing trend - Due to globalization, companies increasingly facing very strong competition not only from their home countries but also competitor from around the world.

In order to remain competitiveness and profitability, companies become very cost conscience. Many full time jobs has been outsource to third parties. Therefore, this lead to massive job loss especially amongst the mid-level executive who need to compete with newly graduate who is not only highly educate but may demand for much lower pay for the same type of works!

2) Advancement of technology - The advancement of technology in IT and machinery is also one of the factors that pose serious challenge to the workers. Companies increasingly invest heavily into technology.

The new machinery and technology is normally cheaply to operate and more productivity than human being as it can operate for 24 hours and 7 days per week. Therefore, high number of jobs has been replace by the machinery.

3) High demand of job - Every year, millions of new graduate and youth enter into workforce for both developing and industrial countries.

The above reasons is some of the major reasons Why Are Jobless.

However, the amount of hiring from the companies cannot meet the additional demand from new workforce. The imbalance in job demand and job supply worsening the unemployment rate.

The reasons why most people fail to land their job is not due mainly to their experience or education. Is it because the job applicant fails to grab their prospective employer attention!

With the prospect of need to evaluate hundred or maybe thousands of job applicant by interviewer within short period of time, the interviewer can only allocate limited time to evaluate every job application. Your job application must be able to grab their attention in the first 15 seconds.

Whether you want to change career, change to new job or look for better paid job, you must improve your resume and cover letter so that you can stand out from thousands of your competitor.

1) Cover letter- this is the first letter that your interviewer form the 1st impression on you! You must be able to form good first impression on your interviewer and convince them is it worth their time to proceed to read on your resume.

You need to research the background of the company. Who are the management team? What is the latest development of the company? What is the corporate culture of the company?

By incorporate some of the background of the company into your cover letter,it show that you are seriously be part of the company since you are viewing to spend time to research the company.

2) Resume - your resume must be tailor made to your interviewer. Your resume need to convince them how your skill sets and past experience is relevant and perfectly fit their corporate culture. How you can contribute to their future growth?

Highlight and emphasis your skills set, education and experiences that relevant to the position that you apply for. What make you stand out from other competitors? Also emphasis your past experiences that show that you are good team player.

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Article contributed by Nelson Chen.

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Article contributed by Nelson Chen. to download your free copy how to find a job fast even during recession!