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We've spoken to successful model Bunnie Xo aka Bunnie DeFord and summarized the keys to a successful career. She has been around the industry for quite a sometime and enjoys the stardom. She has been kind enough to share with us the unique qualities and traits a model should have to be successful in the business.


Here is what makes a successful model:


Be Photogenic

The number one answer is you must be photogenic. In fact, being photogenic is even more important than being classically beautiful. There are many beautiful women but does your look translate in the photo or the billboard? Photogenic models know how to use their unique look, angles, and positioning to get the shot.


If you are an aspiring model, work on being photogenic, practice in front of a camera, take lots of photos, and critique yourself.


Try to emulate the poses of those models currently winning those jobs.


Easy To Work With

Don't be a whiny complaining prima donna. Have a personality and be easy to work with the people who hire you because of your look. But if you are not easy to work with, you will not be hired again and remember bad reputations are hard to overcome.


so be charming, work hard and be pleasant. Beauty with no charm and no personality equates to no career. There are a lot of pretty women that can take a great photo so why work with you.


The Inner Desire

Alright, you have the look and the personality but do you have the desire? A model's life seems glamorous and fun and sometimes it is but not always there are parts of the job that are not fun at all.


You often have to get up ridiculously early to get prepped for a shoot so you don't get to stay out late very often.


If you are wanted, you are traveling non-stop you're often very uncomfortable. For example, standing in a summer outfit when freezing cold for hours on end or just being rejected because you are not what they're looking for.


Be Smart

lastly, you need to be smart you need to know what jobs to accept and what to turn down you also need to know how to promote and manage yourself. This is the key to a long and successful career. Smart models once they have successfully parlayed that to other successes. You often see top models work on TV launch, beauty lines or dive into charity work.



Understand that modeling is not a forever job and have to branch out to continue to promote themselves so are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Do you have what it takes, work hard to develop your skills get a great portfolio to find a great agency stay healthy.


This is a career where how you look matters and most importantly keep your dignity not everyone is your friend in this business in the end your reputation is what matters.

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