1. Hair Follicle & Fiber Diameter Size

The diameter of your facial hair follicles determines the size of the hair strands sprouting out from them. Of course, a larger follicle diameter will give a thicker beard, as large hairs will cover your face in a better way as compared to thinner hair. Well, it is a general fact that the diameter and shape of your beard follicles are determined by your genetics, blood flow, and testosterone levels. Though a person cannot control or alter his genetics, he can surely improve testosterone levels and the circulation of the follicle.

  1. Overall Beard Density & Coverage

Beard density and coverage can be possible when you have a lot of beard hairs in a small area as it will give a dense appearance and less of the skin visible through it.

If you can successfully activate dormant facial hair follicles, you can improve your beard’s density, growing more new beard hairs and converting the already existing thin colorless beard hairs into thick terminal hairs, resulting in increased fullness and coverage. And this is also the only way that is scientifically proven.

  1. The Length of your Beard

If a person is having a patchy beard, it is still possible to make it look thicker by growing it longer and trimming it all down to the same length. Though it will not make your beard hairs increase in size or start any new growth, still it is the easiest way to help your beard look thicker in its visual impacts. With the increased beard length, you can also opt for different styles and come up with many tricks to give your face an overall thick beard grace.

  1. The Color of your Beard

It is a general observation that a dark-colored beard looks more thick and fuller as compared to a light-colored beard. If you have a dark-colored beard, it will absorb more light and will look denser, thus everyone can have an impression you are a thick beard person.

Well, you do not have a lot of options to change the color of your beard, except using a beard dye. Also, you can help it by taking sufficient copper so that you don’t get grey hairs at an early age and your hair can produce the required pigment to its best natural potential.

  1. Using Derma Roller on the Beard

Another way to have thick beard growth is the use of a Derma roller on the beard. This is either available as a single tool or can be found in Beard Growth Kit. It allows increasing beard growth through a process known as micro-needling. A-Derma roller is a small wheel-like tool that comes with hundreds of tiny needles on it. These needles cause micro punctures into the skin surface, which causes the body to initiate the healing process by increasing the blood circulation and drawing more essential nutrients to the facial hair area – the factors needed for increased hair growth.

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