You’ve probably heard the term, “familiar” during conversations among those who provide psychic and/or natural healing services. What does it mean? Though a familiar may take on a variety of different forms, most often a familiar’s form is feline. A psychic, healer, clairvoyant, medicine woman, shaman, etc., will frequently have what is basically a working assistant in the form of a cat. That cat is not a pet, but rather provides useful, practical, magical supportive assistance to its human.

More often than not, the familiar is the one who chooses the human, rather than the other way around. There will be something that’s just “different” about the animal – a look in its eyes, a difference in its demeanor making it stand apart from the rest of its liter, or a consistently-demonstrated heightened sensitivity and special skill set.

Yes, I have a familiar in my work, and yes, he chose me rather than the other way around. As I’d never been around a cat before, it was and continues to be a fascinating adjustment that adds depth & enjoyment to my work & life. One of those adjustments was how to effectively discipline this curious, dedicated kitty cat. At first, he only responded to a fairly poorly-executed Cockney accent: “Get down from there! I don’t want you up there,” spoken as some psychic Eliza Doolittle was the only way to get him down off of any of my altars or service table. After that, he apparently preferred to be empowered. “Come on down. You can do it. You’re very good at that. Oh, great job! Thank you!” Delivered in standard Americanized English worked just fine, and he looked into my eyes with loving appreciation for the praise. At this point, he responds swiftly to a clearly executed physical prompt. Even from across the room, my two fingers extended and a quick flick of the wrist results in obedient compliance with the motion. We’re partners in “the work,” however I’m the one paying the bills and the one with opposable thumbs. So I’m in charge even when he has a cattitude.

Especially during high demand in my professional work, he holds space and grounds energy. He will sit in one of a few special places that he’s selected himself, and just, “BE” there (yes, in all caps), most often peering at me out of one eye as I work. When the work is completed, he circles three times clockwise around my right leg, ending the cycle by coiling his tail around my calf. Then he emerges from the bottom of my dress as though he’s making a grand appearance onto a Broadway stage. He also stands on top of my right shoe (which is not on my foot at the time) while I ground my energy, qigong-style. Then when I have completed my ancient Chinese exercises, he stands on top of my right foot until we are both balanced out. I know when the energy cycle is complete because his hair will shift from standing straight on end, brittle, to relaxed, soft, and vibrantly shining.

A familiar is quite a blessing for a psychic, energy healer, etc., to have in one’s work and life. Mine provides much more than what is described here. I never asked for him and I’m quick to tell people, “He is not my cat, but clearly I am his person,” and point out that no, he is not a pet, he is a partner…and a useful one at that. Much appreciated.

Blessings on your path,
Dr. Renee

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