Needless to say that we are using mobile apps for everything. Food ordering and delivery is also a part of it. Many food chains and fast food outlets are leveraging this app for everything scenario. The beauty with the on-demand food ordering business is that each and every stakeholder are benefited. Online food delivery has come as a boon for non-skilled people.

Many food outlets are quickly changing to this model because of the fear of losing the business since it is estimated that 60% of the customers of a restaurant will leave if the restaurant fails to adapt to the app-based food delivery.

Nowadays many restaurants have food delivery apps but not all of them are getting good patronage from the users. Even the first users of doorstep delivery app like Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc are struggling to expand their customer base. A lot of factors are involved in making a top-notch food delivery app.

So, we have carefully analyzed the apps of popular food delivery firms and identified the factors in an app that differentiates one from the other. Below I have explained each one of them. If you already have an online food ordering business or going to start a new one then, make sure you focus on the below said factors.

Loyalty points, referrals, and other rewards

After you enter the online platform, you should make the customers try your service first. No one is willing to pay for a service without knowing the quality of it. So, provide offers, referrals, loyalty point, to hook the customers and make them try your service. Before doing the above, make sure your service quality is good.

Next step is to retain the customers. Provide offers and discounts to users who frequently use the app. Most of the on-demand startups are working mainly to attract millennials. They are a large part of the users. Your offers and other incentives should also aim at the millennials. So, by creating a reward loop, you make the customers try your service again and again. This is how you create a customer base.

UI/UX design and search, navigation

Even if you sincerely follow the previous point, there is still a lot of possibilities that you may lose the customers because of poor user experience and app design. The UI and UX of the app must make the customer convenient, comfortable, and engrossing. If you see the apps of firms like Swiggy, UberEats, etc, they have rich designs and eye-catching icons. The tools used for UI/UX plays an important role in creating such designs.

After UI/UX, search and navigation decide the usability of the app for the customers. Clumsy, disordered, and improper search and navigation can take a huge toll on customer retention. All the food menus should be organized, presentable and each cuisine and food types must be categorized and if possible attach a picture with it. Users should be able to easily scroll the menu and pick the food.

Gamification of the app

The best way to engage the customers with the app for a long time is gamification. For example, Zomato provides offers to the users for every sixer hit in an Indian cricket match provided, the users should order food during the match. People always love to be rewarded for playing any activities. Gamification can help in spreading the app through word of mouth.

Reward for social media order status

More than 50% of the users of food delivery apps are between 20 and 35. No wonder most of these people have a presence in social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media can be a very important growth driver. Social media marketing through existing users can be more effective. So, provide incentives like instant offers and cashback to customers who put a status on their order.

One touch ordering

Provide one-touch easy food ordering aimed at office goers and working professionals who have little time for other work. One touch ordering can be made available for single serve meals and foods under a specific budget bracket. For example, Swiggy provides budget single serve meals in metropolitan cities only for lunch under the name Swiggy pop. Features like this can be a game changer for you.

Final say

Strive to deliver an app for your business that makes the customers feel pampered, valued, and be a part of the business and by following the above points you surely can do it. If you are new to this business, it is better to reverse engineer the apps of top online food ordering firms and use an exact replica of their apps. Reverse engineering involves analyzing the app and knowing its operations.

There are solution providers who have app clone scripts which are similar to Ubereats and FoodPanda. These clone scripts are affordable and there is a lot of room for customization.

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