If you are planning to make an above ground pool, the base material is an important thing to be considered. The sturdy condition of the pool depends on the base of it. There are two types of common material of the base of a pool, like stone dust and mason sand.

After making the pool, you require lots of things to decorate the pool and make it accessible to swim. The above ground pool accessories are available in the market in a great deal. Now let's start about the pool base.

Base material is laid in the ground for the help of the construction of the pool. You may use any of the elements between stone dust and mason sand.

Mason sand is a very soft material that creates an even layer in the bottom ground. Most of the pool builders prefer the mason sand much. The sand is watered and forced to be compressed. Then the coat is made smooth with a broom of a push style. If it is correctly installed, then no dirt is seen in the ground.

After filling the ground with water, you will see that the earth is as hard as most of the pool ground. The force of the water and mason sand will make the ground hard but smooth by compression. The cost of mason sand varies all over the country in different states. So you have to search for the local suppliers and do an analysis to know the market price of the mason sand.

Stone dust is another option for the pool base. It is made with crust stones and rocks that are turned into dust. It can create a hard and cement proof ground under the pool liner. The problem is that it may develop complexities to the ground when the bedrocks thrust the liner. Nevertheless, you can minimize it by providing a vigilant layer between the material of stone dust and pool liner.

Two of the layers can be Armor Guard and Rolled Foam. Armor Guard is a geo-based fabric that is extremely strong. Rolled Foam is a concise style foam that will not get the humidity and provides help for the pool application. Don't think that it is a sponge-like things, but it helps to protect the liner from the stones and bedrocks.
To fetch any sand or crusted rocks, you have to hire a proper size of the truck and pick up. Then the professional team pours the material on the ground and spread it evenly to whole the ground that will be used for the pool.

Oh! You cannot imagine. The above ground pool needs lots of tons of materials. For a size of 12' round to 30', you may require 1 to 5.5 tons of sands and 1 to 5.5 tons of stone dust. That means as usually, the larger the pool is, the higher the amount of the ground material is. With a customized oval pool size, you need to count more amount of material for the pool.

Finally, it is essential to know that you have to spread the material outside of the pool liner. The base is not complete without the outside basement. The outer content is the added benefit to the sturdy factor and extra beauty. You may also make an additional area near the pool, but it should be looking attractive by keeping away the humidity. It should be like that can bear the pool weight and ground base.

It is suggested to use the lawn rocks around the pool; that can be pea stones to some inches wide rocks. These will not create any rust sooner to the wall or ground of the pool.

Have a happy swimming at home!!

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