By looking at the wooden dolls that are full of color and art, you will say wow, they are Russian nesting dolls. Russian nesting dolls are catchy and attractive wooden pieces. They are a handy object to decorate your home and can be used as gift material. You should definitely get them if you are planning your Russia tour.

But you should consider some of the points at the time of buying the Russian nesting dolls to get the best that you deserve.

Number of Dolls

All in all, what number of beautiful dolls do you need in a set? The Russian nesting dolls come in groups of 4 to 5 dolls. In contrast to the number of roses in a bouquet, the quantity of dolls in a matryoshka set has no particular importance. But still, considering the number of dolls in a set is not a bad idea.

Theme of Dolls

The customary settling/nesting dolls depicting Russian folk tales are the most widely recognized dolls all over the world. If you are not in Russia, maybe you have a restricted decision in the choice of the theme of dolls. But there are several websites that offer a wide variety of themed Russian nesting dolls. You will find fairy tales, animals, trees, and other themed Russian nesting dolls. The dazzling art of nesting dolls catches everyone. You can use them to beautify your home. Also, the beautiful hand-crafted dolls are a good option for gifts for your loved ones.

Cost of Dolls

You must be aware that the cost of such nesting dolls is not high. The products used in crafting the Russian nesting dolls are not of much money. The wooden materials and colors are used to craft beautiful Matryoshka. But the skill and time of the artist is considerable. They put their whole effort into creating those lovely dolls. But you should consider the cost because you might get the low-quality material at a high price. Thus you should be attentive while buying Russian nesting dolls.

Design of Dolls

There are several designs of dolls. Mostly the design of the Matryoshka is oval-shaped. The Russian artist crafts them with perfection. You should check for the original dolls that are designed by Russian artists to get the real feel of the dolls. If you want to use it as a decorating piece, then you should buy it according to your room color and the place where you are planning to place those stunning creatures.


The unique appearance and pattern of Russian nesting dolls make it a one-of-a-kind souvenir. The bright, colorful, and beautifully painted wooden dolls are mesmerizing. With Matryoshka, you can imagine the scene that once existed in the 1800s. If you want to decorate your living place with the best Russian nesting dolls, then you can buy them from The Russian Treasures website. We have dolls that are crafted by Russian artists. We take special care to choose the most beautiful Matryoshka so that our clients can get the best that they deserve. Visit our website to discover even more about Russian culture and crafts!

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The Russian Treasures provide you all kinds of Matryoshka Dolls like Classic Matryoshka, Traditional Matryoshka, Christmas Matryoshka, and so on. In Russia, Matryoshka dolls are not just the souvenir from Russia. Matryoshka dolls are a portrayal of a chain of mothers carrying on the family heritage through the child in their womb. These dolls represent the life of a Russian woman. It is a set of seven wooden dolls of decreasing sizes that all fit within one another. The largest doll represents the 'mother' and the smallest doll represents a 'baby'. To know more details about these dolls, kindly visit our website at