Jewellery designers of yesterday had to seek elusive apprenticeship programs to learn the trade. Today, you do not have to be at the mercy of established jewellery designers and fashion houses to become one. All you need is to complete a jewellery design certificate course and you’re on your way to one of the most exciting careers in fashion and design. You can start your own jewellery line or collection, create custom pieces for individual clients or work for jewellery, export or fashion companies.

There is so much to explore in this field especially now that stones and gems have captured the heart of the market segment that used to prefer pure gold. Another great thing about this career is that you don’t need a master’s or even a bachelor’s degree. Although a background in art is useful, as long as you can understand the study materials, you have equal opportunity as those who have completed college. Jewellery design courses are suitable for everyone who has passion for this craft.

Speaking of passion, it is one of the most important weapons in this kind of job and probably the very first thing you should possess when considering a career in jewellery designing. It is possible to learn everything during training but only if you have innate interest in the subject. Passion will also separate you from other designers. Hence, make sure this is something you really want because without it, even the best training methods won’t make a jewellery designer out of you.

Successful jewellery designers also possess a sense of design. Some people seem to be born with this talent while others triumphed in developing it. You can be the former or the latter but a combination of both is simply awesome. An eye for good design and perception towards trends can be a product of innate creativity, technical skills and constant learning. There are many ways to nourish these and one of the most effective is taking a comprehensive jewellery design diploma.

Lastly, stay current. Keep up with the fashion industry on the local level and the international front. It pays to be well-informed of the latest trends in designs, materials and methods. Jewellery designers should also be adept in using design software to make the process more efficient and their client presentations, outstanding. Perhaps you are doing this out of sheer satisfaction in designing but if you think you are good at it, earning good money and having a stable career won’t hurt.

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