Did you and your ex just break up and now you have no idea what to do? Your world is currently in chaos as you can't get your ex out of your mind. Right now, all you want is for you to change their mind about the break up. Read below and find out how you can get them back.

Q: I am devastated that my ex is already dating someone else. I need to get my ex to want me back. How can I do this?

A: You actually have a chance even if your ex is dating someone else already. Chances are your boyfriend or girlfriend is still feeling the breakup despite them going out with someone else. Its likely that this will cause trouble in the new relationship. Your ex is still thinking about you. You might believe they already moved on but this isn't the case. Your ex will always be comparing your past relationship with the new one. It actually takes a long time to get over someone. Your ex's new relationship hasn't had the time yet to build that level of intimacy the two of you shared.

Q: If I can't get my ex to want me back then how will I get them in my life?

A: The two of you were perfectly happy before the relationship started to deteriorate due to negative emotions. You should be asking yourself about what you can do with your life instead of wondering "how can I get my ex to want me back". You should aim to make improvements on your life and focus solely on it. Have you neglected old friends? Do you need to burn a few calories? Stop thinking of your ex and focus on yourself instead.

Q: How will I get my ex to want me back? My ex doesn't contact me back and ignores me completely.

A: What you should do is use the No Contact Rule. This means you can't text, call, email or contact your ex any way at all. What your ex wants right now is time away from you. They would only run farther if you keep insisting. Your ex needs their life in perspective which is why they require that alone time.

If you keep thinking thoughts like "I need to get my ex to want me back" then you are putting too much stock on them as a source of your happiness. This is a very bad approach if you're serious that you want to get my ex to want me back. It is a turn off that you are demanding the love and attention from your ex. You need to stop relying on your ex for your happiness and instead look to yourself. You can attract your ex back once you develop this mindset.

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