What To Do When Your Husband Wants To Separate: Tips For Staying Calm When Your Husband Is Asking For A Separation Or Divorce

Have you been feeling down and sad for the past couple of months since you got the feeling that your marriage has lost its fire? Have you and your spouse decided to get a divorce but are you having second thoughts now? If you want to stop marriage separation, read this article on how you can do that.

Whether you are the aggrieved party or not, separation or divorce can be a harsh process. Aside from the many things that you have to settle, you will also be experiencing a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Although both of you made the decision to file for divorce, you or your spouse will definitely have days wherein doubt will sneak into your consciousness making you wonder if divorce is indeed the answer. Have you tried everything possible to save the marriage before deciding on divorce? Is divorce the only answer to end your marital problems? How can other people surpass problems in their marriages while you and your spouse cannot?

Having doubts about your decision is only natural. Because you still know that your wedding day is the happiest day of your lives. Because you will have to consider the welfare of your children. Because divorce is not the only option in surviving the problems in marriages.

Even if the divorce process has already begun, you can still change your mind and stop marriage separation. If you will only be open to the different ways to save your failing marriage, you can definitely find one that will help you.

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If you have sought marital advice from your family and friends but to no avail, you can always go to marriage counselling. In marriage counselling, you will be overseen by a professional marriage counsellor. You and your spouse will be talking about your marital problems in front of the marriage counsellor.

The marriage counsellor is there to see how you deal and communicate with each other. Furthermore, the marriage counsellor will help identify the problem areas of your marriage and suggest effective methods to resolve these.

With marriage counselling, the couples get a different outlook with regards to their marriage. The marriage counsellor is able to assess the marriage with objectivity. More often than not, failing marriages play the blame game. Spouses end up pointing the blame on each other when they feel that the marriage is falling apart. What spouses typically forget is the fact that there are always two people responsible in the marriage. Therefore, if one of them did something wrong, there is definitely a reason for that. And oftentimes, the reason behind the wrongdoing is because the other spouse also did a wrongdoing. With marriage counselling, you will be able to identify these instances. It will surely give spouses a different outlook on their marriage.

To stop marriage separation, counselling has been established as one of the effective methods. On the other hand, do not worry if your husband or wife does not want to go to marriage counselling because there are still other effective ways to save your marriage. These other effective ways include ebooks, books, advice from the priest, and others.

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What to do if your husband wants a divorce and you do not? The biggest challenge you are likely to encounter is the desire to fight him about the separation. When trying to choose your options to get your ex back, so many possibilities will come your way. You must find the doorway that is going to make the largest spectacle. You must make it one of the most memorable parts of your plan.

If your husband desires a divorce, it is because something in the partnership is not functioning for him anymore. As an alternative, just try to imagine what might be wrong; you ought to make him slow down and sit at the table with you, and have a conversation about what is wrong. At this time he may not be prepared to talk to you. Watch his body language to see if he seems irritated by having a confrontation about his actions in the marriage.

Loads of husbands also believe that their wives do not pay that much attention to them. For the most part, this is upsetting if he is telling you that he is not satisfied and wants a divorce and you continually pay no attention to it. It is easier to improve things while you are still physically together, than it is to change things after a separation has taken place. Trying to strengthen your relationship instead of hoping everything will work out in the end is a gallant effort. You should be trying to prove to him that you want to gratify him and that his needs are important to you, essentially this should push him towards a reunion. It is time to teach your partner that he matters more than anything else.

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When two people in love decide to get married, little do they realize that marriage is not just all fun and games. The rosy picture that they have of a happy marriage primarily is painted on the premise that since they love each other, happiness will be guaranteed in their relationship. However, I have seen many marriages that have dissolved despite couples still in love with each other because they couldn't bear the day to day struggles of their married life. Over the years, I have managed to jot down some practical ideas that can ensure that you and your partner stay happily married. Here are my five most favorite and realistic advice for married couples:

It's time to make a discovery!
Yes, marriage is a beautiful journey and you discover many things about your partner as the years go by. Whenever you discover something new about your partner's likes/dislikes/needs/desires, celebrate the moment. If you want your partner to do things for you that you like, you should do the same for him/her. Since, you and your partner are individuals; you're bound to want different things from each other and life. So also, what makes one of you happy doesn't have to make the other happy too. Discover your partner and watch your relationship flourish!

Get your hands dirty with household chores!
According to studies conducted on married couples, those who work together, tend to stay together. Both you and your wife/husband need to feel that you are joined; are one team. Such thinking will help bring a sense of equality in your marriage and diminish any feelings of resentment that could creep up if only one of you is doing much of the work. Communicate and clear your expectations from each other in every aspect of the relationship; but especially, regarding your household duties. Agree to a balanced or proportionate division of household duties and stick to your duties as far as possible. If you don't want a particular chore such as laundry or putting the garbage out, talk about it in a mature manner.

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Don't disrespect your partner!
Do you abuse or disrespect your spouse during an argument? STOP! You must always be respectful and patient towards your partner even when trying to resolve issues in your marriage. If you want to be successful in your marriage, you need to behave against your emotions and NOT 'take out' your anger on your partner. In fact, I'd suggest that you keep quite when you are upset and only do it when you are calmer and in a more reasonable frame of mind. What I am trying to say is, take out time to cool down, go through the conversation in your mind, and only then discuss it with your husband/wife. Make a resolve to never disrespect your partner!

Keep communication channel open!
While this sentence says everything, I'd only like to add that it's important for the health of your relationship that you speak out your feelings, thoughts, needs, wants, and desires in a straightforward but respectful manner with your partner. And, extend the same courtesy to your partner.

Never ignore your physical needs!
Physical needs for both genders are different. Therefore, it's important for both of you to keep each other's physical needs in mind and work out a compromise to fulfill your partner's needs. Don't let the birth of children change the level of your physical intimacy. Make it a priority!

Remember, learn the art of staying in love and spend as much time together as possible to build a strong, healthy, and happy marriage that lasts forever!

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After a heated argument, they went their separate ways. She went upstairs to bed, he made a bed on the sofa. You could cut the tension in the household with a knife. Lots of things were said in that argument, and it was one on a long line of verbal jousting that has been going on lately between them.

Sound familiar? Maybe this kind of thing has been happening in your household recently. At least you can be safe in the knowledge that you aren't the only one - in many unhappy marital homes all over the world this kind of thing happens. Often, after a few weeks or months of this, the couple decides to go their separate ways and divorce.

Is this what you want to happen with your marriage? Because if you don't decide to do something about it now, rather than later, your marriage could very well go down that road. Look back on the arguments you have had with your spouse lately. Do you feel they were really necessary? Could you have acted differently during them? Could you have acted differently beforehand, to ensure that they never happened in the first place? These are some questions you should definitely ponder.

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For a lot of unhappy couples, the tension created during an argument carries over into the following days, weeks, months, and in some cases even years. This could be for a number of reasons - hurtful things may have been said for example. In the days following an argument, one of you needs to make the first move and apologise. What?! Yes, I hear you - you think you weren't in the wrong, which is fine, but you were probably in the wrong in terms of the way you went about expressing it. You probably blew how you felt out of proportion due to the tense nature of the argument.

So why not make the first move? Yes, YOU. Waiting for your partner to do it is going to make you frustrated. You have the power to make things better, and get rid of all the unnecessary tension between the two of you. You can start by apologising for your behaviour, and go on to explain why you said the things you did.

You have to make a decision. Do you want to live with this tension, and wait for your partner to come to you first, or are you going to take the bull by the horns and make the first move yourself? You might be surprised at the results if you choose the latter.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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