We know how you feel when you attend your first driving lesson. Everyone feels the same excitement and thrill. Mentioned below are few things that you can expect from your class. Before that lets discuss about certain things that you should do before going to the class.

1. Get good sleep - This is very important, as you can pay proper attention to the road and your instructor.

2. Don’t drink the night before your class

3. Have good breakfast before the class so you won’t feel hungry

4. Double-check everything

a) Wear comfortable, non-slippery shoes. Since your feet are very crucial for driving.

b) Pack glasses if feel like you need it while driving

c) Check cash/ cheque you are going to pay for the lesson

d) Your provisional license 

Here we go!

Following is the way your whole day will proceed on the day of your first lesson.

  1. Be early - Your instructor can either ring your doorbell or just wait in the car. Hence, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on his arrival.
  2. Don’t panic - Your driver lesson won’t start at your home, but in a non-busy area with proper instructions. If you want to learn driving in Australia, enrol yourself in Ltrent. They are one of the best available out there at pocket-friendly prices. Moreover, they also provide services at Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Illawarra. They have an excellent record of training newbie learners into swift drivers.
  3. You will learn about cockpit drill - on changing seats you will get instructions about checking the door locks, seating positions, steering positions, seatbelts and mirrors before driving.
  4. You will learn basics on the application of clutch, accelerator, brake, handbrake, indicator and change of gear.
  5. Use - in your first 2 hours long class, the instructor will make use of all the mentioned facilities while driving. You will learn curb parking, crossing other vehicles, mixing with the traffic and most important starting the vehicle properly.
  6. Fill your journal in between the class whenever you get time. This will help you remember, minute details about the class. However, do not start to write while driving.
  7. You will be dropped at your doorstep after the class. Make sure you discuss your views about the class and the changes you prefer. 

Note: Make sure you inform the instructor whenever you feel nervous, confused or unwell while driving. Otherwise, the situation can go out of hand.

Pre-class research!

Here are a few things you need to do before you hire an instructor.

1. Do research on a good driving school, instructor and their performance.

2. Read basic procedure of handling a car and traffic rules

3. Know the latest road safety rules made by the government

4. Keep calm and enjoy your new experience

5. new license - If you have lost your license then apply for a duplicate one as soon as possible so that you don’t have to drive on the road without your licence.


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