When it comes to meeting rooms, it is not just about the tables and chairs and the mere four corners. It is important to consider the essential elements which make a meeting operational. These generally include the services and equipment which contribute to the smooth running of the overall meeting. It is not difficult to book a meeting room, but it becomes easier to find affordable meeting rooms for rent in the best of locations if one knows what he/she is looking for.


The capital of Belgium is Brussels. It is the commercial, administrative, and the financial heart of Belgium. The majority of the services and the institutions of national priority are located in this city. In addition, the city of Brussels is one of the major European cultural and tourist attractions and at the same time, functions as a regional capital as well as an international center. Due to the reasons mentioned above, Brussels has become a city of great commercial importance and extremely attractive for many leading industries and multinational companies. It provides meeting room rentals Brussels.

There are quite a number of meeting rooms in Brussels, meaning training rooms and conference rooms which are available for hire. Brussels is one of the most culturally diverse and vibrant cities of Europe. Around 80% of the city’s residents speak French and 30% of them come from foreign countries. Thanks to the centralized location and the institutions of international recognition, Brussels has become an extremely important business and commercial district. The pleasant walkways and the relatively moderate size imply the fact that it is very easily accessible by foot. A rich and vibrant city, considered by many individuals to be Europe’s capital, Brussels is host to meetings, conferences and conventions of international importance throughout the year.

Here is a list of a few aspects which makes meeting rooms Brussels exceptional:

- Sufficient floor space: People should not get cramped due to lack of space. Due to this, a meeting room should always be chosen with an adequate capacity.

- A high enough ceiling: Low ceilings are not desired and people often feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic in such rooms.

- Air conditioning: If the meeting or training sessions are being staged in the summer, people would not want to be distracted by the uncomfortably high temperatures. There will need to be working air conditioning and circulation for controlling the temperature and the proper flow of cool and fresh air.

- Central heating: At the same time, there is nothing worse than a meeting or training session causing people’s fingers to almost turn blue with their teeth chattering because of the uncomfortably low temperatures! In case the temperature is extremely low, it would be almost impossible to have a healthy and productive meeting.

- Windows: The best of the meeting rooms have relatively large windows allowing the supply of plentiful natural light. Guests should also be able to open them to let in fresh air from outside. There should also be curtains or blinds so that they can guard the sun’s rays when necessary during the daytime.

- Presentation facilities: It is very common for training and meeting sessions to involve PowerPoint presentations, slideshows or other displays; therefore, the meeting rooms should always have screens or whiteboards along with necessary project equipment to ensure the fact that it is easy to conduct a meeting by setting up proper visual aids.

- Open space: The room should be open so that each and every individual is able to see each other at all times. In this case, L-shaped rooms serve very little purpose for training and meeting sessions. Guests should not be hidden behind pillars, out of the line of sight.

- Power sockets: In the course of the training or meeting session, it is possible that everyone might have laptops or smartphones with them. Thus, it is possible that they might need access to a power supply if they need to charge their devices, in case the battery runs out.

- Connectivity: Inside a meeting room, there should always be a proper way of allowing everyone present to access online connectivity.

- Light/clear walls: Light colors such as white tend to work best for such rooms. People would not be interested in booking a room with walls painted black. It should also not look like a school craft project, which will only serve as a means of distraction during the business day.

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