We have all read articles about how gruesome conditions can be at child care centers. It should be noted that not all child care facilities are deserving of a bad name. The ones that truly deserve the bad reputation are those that are understaffed, over-enrolled and lacking in supervision.

To ensure your child is placed in one of the reputable, caring facilities rather than those of ill repute, you need to know the important things to look for before turning your child over to them..

State Licensing

All day care centers no matter what state they operate in are required toobtain and maintain a license from their state of operation. This is an important feature to look for as state certification involves safety issues such as fire safety measures and employee first aid and CPR training to give you peace of mind that your child is in safe hands at the very least.

Toys that are Age-Appropriate

The movie Toy Story 3 drove home the fact that age-appropriateness in toys is a key issue for the modern childcare provider. This does not mean the responsibility for the childcare provider ends with making sure that the toys are free of choking hazards and sharp edges, but additionally that children of all ages have access to toys and resources that allow them to engage in interactive play and gain knowledge of the world in which they live.

Open Play Areas

If your living room looks anything like mine, it is cluttered with toys, clothes, chairs, books and a multitude of other necessary objects that are all part of having children. There is very little space in this living room for kids to run about and play.

This being the case, the little darlings are sent outside in the spacious back yard to play. Of course they are properly dressed for whatever the weather throws at them. At a superior child care center the children are going to be spending much of their time indoors with no access to the outdoors or to field trips to the zoo. A spacious indoor play area is a must for all age groups.

Quality Staff

Nothing is as important to your child’s day care experience as the presence of a caring, qualified staff of caregivers. The right kind of caregiver will devote as much time as necessary to ensure your child has a good experience every day he is at the center. It’s the quality of the staff that will ensure not only the success of the enterprise, but more importantly, the successful development of your precious child.

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