It's summer now, and you are going on a summer vacation with your children (do not forget them:D). The question is what is necessary to take with you. Of course, resting with the child, it is not the same as resting with a company of adults. It is necessary to think over everything, nothing must be forgotten. First, do not fool yourself that you are going to rest in the summer and it's going to be warm and sunny weather. All the same, bring warm clothes, don't forget a warm sweater, cap and socks. And of course we must take all necessary things for swimming and games. A protection is needed in the water, as well as tools that will protect your baby from the sun. These things include a hat and cream.
You must also remember that to be hygienic all these things must be your child's own. Must be its shampoo, soap, cream, and more.
Of course, take all the foods that your child likes, you will not be able to take everything, but it is worth attending to something that, nevertheless, to take along. Maybe its favorite cereal. This will make yours and your child's stay comfortable. Also worth thinking is taking drinking water that is produced specifically for children.
Do not forget about your child's toys. Take not exactly its favorite soft toys, but more like toys that will be suitable for playing in the sand. If your child won't be doing anything in between water treatments, then you won't be resting.
The baby will wonder what to do and will go everywhere, playing with everything, and this is not always a safe occupation, it can lead to injury. So do not forget to collect a first aid kit. You have to have all the necessary medicines for all occasions, because you don't know what you may need. This is of course painkillers, bandages, antidiarrheal medicine, as well as individual the necessary medicines to your child. Children play, run and can get hurt, you should be prepared helping them, not always and everywhere the doctor may be near.
In order to make easier the preparation for the summer, make a list of everything you need. Try to make a list of everything you need for yourself and a list of what you should take for your child. This is important and do not forget the necessary hygiene products for your baby and hygiene products for yourself too. If you have no space in your luggage, it is best to take the children's facilities instead of yours.
Know that if you are going well on the road, without doubt your summer holiday will be a success.

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