Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of all those women who want to embrace the state of motherhood. Obviously not every woman has the same idea of the future but some of us are inclined towards bringing out a family, towards being a mother, towards being a happy person. The phase of pregnancy leads to major physical and emotional changes in the life of a woman. The emotional phase also comes to both counterparts of the expecting couple and their loved ones as wll. In these exciting emotions, it is important to acknowledge that pregnancy needs a specific amount of supervision from professionals to ensure that no complications occur during and the aftermath of pregnancy. Special care has to be provided to women who are suffering from heart problems.

Heart problems and related cardiovascular issues are always a risk on the overall well being of the patient and in the case when these patients are women, the state of pregnancy can showcase even the worst in the aftermath. Considering the problems that are a result of heart problems in pregnant women, all the experts in the field be it, cardiologists or gynaecologists, they strongly recommend that women who are suffering from heart problems, they should definitely go for proper counselling and detailed diagnostic evaluations before planning a pregnancy.

The counselling session is primarily based upon communicating the problems which are linked with pregnant women when they are suffering from heart problems. During these counselling sessions, the experts try their best to make the patient understand what are the possible options to get good results. In some cases, termination of pregnancy or even stopping its planning, for the time being, is recommended by the doctor. This news can be heartbreaking for the woman but above all, it is important to know that the health of an individual is as crucial as any other thing in this world. If the health of the patient is being compromised for any future events, the right choice to make, it is to listen to your doctors, and do as they recommend.

What is it that makes heart issues a major problem for pregnant women? The answer lies in the fact that heart problems are complex medical cases to be dealt with conditions in the first place. Cardiovascular issues cause a severe impact on the overall well-being of the affected individual. In major heart problems such as sudden cardiac arrest or heart failure, the outcome can prove to be fatal as well. Thereby, if these medical issues are present in the pregnant woman, she is at a much dangerous position of expecting negatives health issues not only on herself but also on the developing fetus. Cardiovascular problems such as severe pulmonary hypertension, heart birth defects, Marfan syndrome, severe aortic stenosis and mitral stenosis, abnormal aortic valve, cardiomyopathy, and heart failure are some of the issues which can require strong outlook for treatment and then planning parenthood.

Basically, during the state of pregnancy, the working pattern of the heart is increased than normal individuals. If the heart has already suffered damage through disease or disorder, the amount of pressure on the heart increments considerably. In these cases, if the heart fails to perform properly or heart fails to perform at all, the results are life-threatening both for the mother and the foetus.

But that does mean that every woman who suffers from heart problems, she is not fit to conceive. To know the best, doctors recommend a detailed diagnostic assessment which evaluates these conditions of the heart and the overall well being of the woman, and the rate of risk and complications these problems can impact if the woman gets pregnant. Usually, in mild cases of heart problems, doctors rely on various sources of treatments ranging from medications to conservative forms of therapy which keep the health of the patient on a check and the woman can conceive with no major threat on the health of the expecting mother and foetus. On the other hand, severe cardiovascular problems can risk the life of both the woman and foetus, if the assessment showcases any such results, doctors strictly recommend terminating the planning of pregnancy and in case they women is already pregnant, the present state of pregnancy is aborted.

The state of pregnancy should be dealt with care and proper consideration of the fact that the expected mother goes through a lot of physical and mental changes. This state is a vulnerable state for a woman, any sort of stress or problem should be avoided at the best. In this phase, the best cardiologist in Delhi states the crucial link between problems in pregnancy with cardiovascular issues. If a woman is suffering from any heart problem, the state of pregnancy can pose complications and even failure at the end, though the risk is not very common it is best to avoid any such cardiovascular problem. Women who are suffering from heart problems, they should plan a pregnancy after consulting with specialists in the field. In total, it is advised to first undergo the treatment for the heart problems and then plan a pregnancy.

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Heart issues are linked with serious impact on the health of the patient. The risk of complications and side effects increase if the patient is a woman and she is going through the phase of pregnancy. Dr. Amit Kumar Chaurasia , a practising cardiologist with years of on-hands experience states that such cases should be dealt with extreme care. If the progression or even the very presence of any sort of cardiovascular problem has been confirmed in the female patients, the planning of pregnancy should be very detailed. Professional help is a must, without that the risk of complications cannot be successfully dealt with. Secondly, the advice of the experts should be shown strict compliance with it. For instances, in some cases, doctors advice termination of and the patient should follow through it because such cases can prove to be life-threatening both for the mother and her child.