Now that you have decided to have the smile you have been longing for, who should you run to in order to actualize your dream? Well, this time is not a dentist but an orthodontist. This is a specialist who is trained to align your teeth so as to attain the smile and look that you wanted.

These important specialists do not stop at giving you the smile you wanted; they also enable you to speak, chew, and bite more easily with well-coordinated teeth, facial muscles, and jaw. So what are their main tasks in your life as their patient?

Tasks of an Orthodontist

For an orthodontist to gain the required knowledge and skills needed to deliver exactly what you need, they have to attend a dental school for 4 years and later join a residency program for around 2-3 years. This is basically what separates them from the normal dentists. When you visit an orthodontist at their premises, they are tasked with the following:


This involves a thorough diagnosis of your teeth, facial muscles, and jaw. During this examination, he or she identifies the misaligned jaws, overlapping teeth, and other specific parts that need treatment. He may decide to check at your dental records, photos, and take X-ray. This enables them to identify the development of your teeth and facial muscles.


Having done all the examination and known the cause of the problem, orthodontists usually recommend a treatment method or appliances to use like braces. This is where your lifestyle, concern, tastes, and preferences are taken into consideration in determining the type of braces to have. They aim at making you comfortable with the method of treatment. He or she will do some cost estimation for the treatment and consequently determine the amount in your insurance.


Now it is time for the orthodontist to prepare the best designs and appliances that he will be used to align your teeth. He may need some assistance from his assistance to install these initial appliances in your mouth. You will be required to make some appearances in the facility for checkups and for installation of more complex designs and appliances. Orthodontists should always ensure your teeth are clean and well-adjusted throughout this period of treatment.

4.Management duties

Most orthodontists own their offices and hence they need to hire other professionals and assistance staffs who will offer excellent customer services. They have to manage how the office will be run, how their skills will be advertised, how equipment and appliances will be purchased and everything that involves their office. Nevertheless, this doesn’t rob their time with their patients whom they spend most of their time with.


Your orthodontist may be involved in other activities but most of their duties and responsibilities revolve around the above mentioned. Of course, their greatest interest lies in helping you get aligned teeth, correct any mismatch in your jaws, correcting bites, and give you the smile you have always dreamt off.

To correct the positioning of your teeth and oral development orthodontists may need to use retainers, space maintainers, and braces. Choose a specialist that you will always be comfortable with during the period.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.