Subliminal message is a message that you cannot read, nor hear nor even see. You might think then that it is a message that is totally useless and has no place in this article, so why have you been hearing so much about it? Let me explain the concept behind it to you. In the human consciousness, there are two personalities in the mind that co-exist closely yet distinctly apart from one another. One is the conscious mind, the very awareness that we look through, the one that we see through, experience all the sensory stimuli.

It is who we are. We speak through it, we feel through it and we think through it. This conscious mind has the normal functions of rational thought, critical thinking and moral and ethical machinations of humanity well in place. It is the first line of defence for us, it helps us to understand and assess situations, it is the learning mind as well, because through it we see and we hear, we feel and we experience. Then there is the other mind that sits within the cortex of the brain, both intangible but very real.

Psychologists have called it the pre conscious or even the subconscious mind, as it is more popularly known in this day and age. It sits in the brain, away from normal awareness but it has a very powerful and very important function. It decides who we are, what we do, our behaviour, our attitudes, our reaction to situations and it even is the determinant of our bad habits. The subconscious mind is not a learning mind, it is a sponge that accepts whatever instruction it receives from the conscious mind, which uses the normal functions of thinking and rational thought, processes them into data and passes them on to the subconscious mind as instruction. Let me give you a very good example.

Trauma is a good example of how the conscious mind works together with the subconscious. If we experience a trauma or a bad event in water, in he ocean or even anything associated with water, the trauma produces such strong emotions that the conscious mind is unable to process them quickly enough and it gets passed to the subconscious. This means that the associations are immediate. The subconscious immediately associates the visual stimulation of water with that trauma, and all the emotions associated with it as normal of our reactions to water. So this same person who approaches an open body of water, maybe a swimming pool or ocean, will have an outbreak of irrational fear and trauma.

This is the stuff of phobias and how they come about. A subliminal message works the same way, but in a positive light. This means that it can penetrate the mind directly, past the conscious mind and implant positive messages that can change our lives for the better. Its benefit is that we can change the very building blocks of our personality, the bad habits, the negative emotions, the fears and make us a better person.

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