Have you felt as though you have tried everything? That nothing works? You have searched for the answers from everyone you can think of and even though they all have suggested something different, you have tried it all. While doing what others suggest may be helpful, there are more questions to answer to get to the result you want.
The following may be useful guidelines to use as you search for solutions:
1) Follow your intuition. Imagine filling your mind with truth. Then when emotions begin to emerge, identify truth and follow the guidelines. Truth does not ever steer you in the wrong direction.
2) Accept what you are not able to change. In life there are many things that cannot be changed such as other’s emotions, weather, or how often your child chooses to cry. However, focus on what you are able to change such as time for yourself, what you make for dinner, or when you wake up for the day. Leave the rest for time to care for. Let go of those things you are not able to change and when you do, you will experience peace.
3) Accept that reasonable interpretations may be inadequate. In certain situations, paths are less clear due to more intense emotional responses. Be clear that your conscious, the path of right vs. wrong, may result in the best answer to the situation. Take time to listen and trust yourself.

These three suggestions may help guide you in solving the problems you face in your life. Take a step back from the situations you are in and relax. When you find that you have tried everything and all has failed, attempt a different approach. Success will find you there.

Author's Bio: 

Becky Yancey is a licensed clinical social worker and a clinically certified forensic counselor. She has worked in the mental health field since 1993. She has worked extensively with children, teens, families, couples, individuals, parents, and employee assistance programs. She has trained mental health professionals in clinical settings as well as consulted businesses within the mental health field. Becky has also developed statewide curriculums for juveniles. She has authored and presented several mental health topics throughout the regional Northwest. Becky has also authored and published a children’s book and numerous self help articles, and is the founder of a website to encourage and inspire others; www.mytextspirationals.com.