Discover what your company ’s corporate relocation bundle looks like

Large companies regularly provide workers with a pre-determined relocation package that spells out what they'll offer you and what you'll be accountable for.

We advise that you look into this first so you have a basis before asking about the details. They'll most likely manage to move all you’ll need from your workplace, but will this include paying for the imoving company to pack up everything?

How soon will you be required to complete the move? How much info will they give you in advance about your new home? Will they pay your travel expenses so that you can visit the new city before you move? You have to know all these details plus they may all be outlined in your company ’s relocation package. You might want to ask your HR Manager for a copy of your relocation package.

Determine how your employer plans on compensating you for the relocation

Moving can be quite expensive, particularly when it involves a complete family. Is your employer planning on paying up front for your move? Will your organization be reimbursing you up to a particular point according to particular guidelines, or don’t they have a ceiling on this?

Are they willing to cover a temporary home so you've time to find a brand new home? Some companies have a policy of reimbursing employees with this in one payment. In this example it would be up to you to decide how a money ought to be spent, knowing there won’t be more coming your way if you lose money on the sale of your residence or are accountable for additional closing costs you hadn’t expected.

There could be a chance for you to negotiate with your employer on these matters, particularly if you're being required to relocate for their benefit. Learn exactly the way your moving costs will be handled before you begin spending your very own money on the move.

Determine how much of your total moving costs are tax deductible

Speak to your HR Manager concerning how much you can deduct from your taxes for moving expenses, and also how best to monitor these expenses.

In case your HR Supervisor doesn’t have this advice, check with your tax preparer or accountant. The Internal Revenue service does say that a lot of these expenses are tax deductible so you do have to learn the details in advance.

Work out a spending budget for expected out-of-pocket costs

You're certainly going to need several things for your new home and should you’re a licensed professional moving to a brand new state, you’ll have to acquire a brand new license. Your employer is not likely to pay these additional expenses. Work out a realistic spending budget that takes all these expenses into account so that they don’t all add up at once and put you in shock. In the event that you’ve anticipated all these expenses in advance and find a spending budget you can stick.

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