When talking about the GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT these are two different aspects.

• Growth is a measure of physical maturation and is quantifiable like weight and height.
• Development is an acquisition of skills like head support, grasping, walking, talking, development of attitudes, adaptation to family and society. And all these become the developmental milestones of a child because they are acquired at different times in their active phase of initial years.

One of the most important phases of child development is during active infant teething. It is not a disease but yes it is associated with a lot of troubles. And parents of toddlers know that by now what all troubles they have faced during initial months of infant teething.

Common signs and symptoms of infant teething are restlessness, gum rubbing, thumb sucking, cranky child, drooling of saliva, loss of appetite. Above these symptoms, an infant will try and put everything in the mouth which is the main cause of concern. It usually leads to infection and other complaints like diarrhea, fever, vomiting, irritability etc.

Should we give CalcareaPhosphoricum 6x during infant teething?

This question must have arrived in every parent’s mind before they give something medicinal (they think without side effect). But the answer is “NO”, we should not give it to every child because every child does not need it.
From any source, newspaper, print media, neighbor, grandmothers or anyone else, one must have heard to use CalcareaPhosphoricum as soon as a child starts to show signs of dentition or infant teething. Many must have used it too.

Have we ever thought why? It is like any other homeopathic medicine and so we should not use it without a prescription by a certified doctor.

In Homoeopathy, medicines are always selected on the basis of the totality of symptoms and on basis of similimum, not on the name of the disease.

Individualization is the key. It means one medicine given for one condition is not mandatory for a similar condition in another person. The reaction of the body is different for every individual, so when the reaction is different medicine will also vary.

The indication of CalcareaPhosphoricum in infant teething: When we use it!

• It is a great remedy in defective nutrition.
• When the child is thin, looks unhealthy, weak.
• Slow in development of teeth and bones, though well fed.
• They are anemic, dull and insensitive.
• Vomiting of milk, colicky pain, worse from any change of weather are additional features.
• Diarrhea is a very prominent feature.
• The stools are green and “sputtering”, passed with great noise. They will feel complaints more when thinking of them.

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