We are creating problems in our relationships, with ourselves and with God when we choose to hide something. We are hurting relationships because we are not building trust and honesty. We are hurting ourselves because we are more than likely going to live in a world of guilt and distraction trying not to get caught. We are creating problems with God because we are not living as He requires us to.

When we spend money without our spouse knowing about it, we are setting up problems later down the road. If we have something we need to buy, we need to talk about it together and work out a plan to get it. If it is something that is not really necessary our spouse can help us decide where our money really needs to go. Going behind their back and spending money is an easy habit to create and will eventually break both our bank accounts and our relationships.

When we hide something from others such as eating things we shouldn’t, we aren’t really hurting anyone but ourselves. We are damaging our own bodies for temporary pleasure. We know we need to eat right and stay away from certain foods, but we crave them and we hide while we eat them knowing that we won’t have to hear others tell us we shouldn’t eat those certain foods.

Having friends who are more than friends without our spouses knowing can lead to destruction. We have to hide our new relationship from our relatives and friends. We begin to miss appointments and make up excuses so we can spend time with our new secret friend. We can hurt ourselves, our families and the families of the other person involved.

When we hide things, we are doing things in secret that we perhaps should not be doing at all. These secret things become habits after a while and they may be hard to break. We could eventually get so caught up in our habits that we don’t even see what we are doing to ourselves and to others.

Ecclesiastes 12:14 “God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing, whether good or bad.”

We really need to think about what it is we are hiding any how it will affect the outcome in our lives. God knows what we are doing. We are not hiding anything from Him. He sees what we do and knows what we think. We will be judged by God for all that we do and think. It’s time we really looked at what we are hiding in our thoughts and in our actions and ask God to help us move away from these distractions and move toward Him.

What is it that we are doing right now in our lives that we believe no one needs to know about? Is it good for us to be doing it? Is it in line with what God wants us to do? Are the things we are doing only thoughts or are we already taking action on them? If they are only thoughts, we need to ask God to help us turn away from these thoughts and do what His will is for us.

If what we are hiding has already moved from thoughts to actions, we need to stop now and ask for forgiveness before the situation gets completely out of hand. It is never too late to take action. At whatever point we are in a situation if we continue to hide, we are only keeping ourselves from doing what is right and keeping ourselves from making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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Frances Lucas has lived in Birmingham, Alabama for over 40 years. She is a working mother with three children and has progressively improved her life through mistakes, persistence and a sense of humor. Her passion in life surfaced after a major setback in life which proves good things can come from bad experiences. Frances coaches in career and personal improvement, facilitates self-improvement classes and writes articles.

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