Where can I learn to pole dance; If you are pole dancing you probably know, that learning to do all the tricks is one thing, but giving a performance absolutely another. To put on a truly amazing performance as a pole dancer, you must start with the most important part of the dance - the mind-set. When you have the correct consciousness, you will look hot, even if you are wearing sweatpants! You must become someone else, and you can do several things to help you create your new, sexy, alter ego. That's the focus of this article - getting your mind ready to dance. Let's go!

Learning pole dancing at home; Easy pole dancing tricks step by step to advanced; A complete guide to learn everything about Pole Dancing is provided at the end of this write-up (Author's Bio), meanwhile let's build the foundation.

Chances are you wouldn't recognize a pole dancer at the bank or post office or even when she is dropping her child off at school. There is a reason for that: pole dancers are not themselves when they are on stage; they are a fantasy. They become someone else, and for most dancers, that's the only way they can get up there and do it. All pole dancers have split personality. As soon as we get into our costumes and on that stage, we become the other person.

Pole dancing is acting, and when you act, you become another person. To help yourself expressively with this "transformation" you need a stage name to make your personality change tangible. When you have that name, you have taken the first step in becoming someone else. You have a name, and accordingly another complete personality.

You can choose an adjective that may reflect a small part of yourself, such as Spicy, Vixen, or Foxy. Standard stripper names are also always a good choice, because when you hear names like Bunny, Bambi, Candy, Coco, or Amber, you automatically think of someone hot.

Eve just a normal name you find pretty, like Brittney, Tiffany, Juliana, Veronica, or holly can work, or you can be creative with names like Aurora, Andréa, Harley, Blaze, Saber, Gypsy, or Lace. Two names are also very sexy, such as Sexual Chocolate, Sweet Thing etc.

Or you could follow that old schoolyard rule of picking your stripper name using the name of your first pet with the first street you lived on. In my case, my name would have been Lilly Main. That method could backfire though if you end up with something like Ralph Butterworth.

Overall, have fun picking your stage name. Be creative. Get your phrase book if you need to. This will help you transform into another personality, relax and perform much better than before.

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