Do you love math or science? Then why not participate in national and international competitions?

 There are many benefits that you can avail by participating in extracurricular maths & science contests. It does not only increase your environment and understanding as a student but also helps you in your future.

Science, computing and math Waterloo contests are far more than the competition. Here's why...

  • Help in developing imaginative capacity

The students who participate in such contests have a better imaginative capacity and thinking skills with the relevant subjects. The challenges in the contest improve the problem-solving skills of the participants.

 They are an efficient way of discovering the talent of the student & provide him with an opportunity to discover more about the subject and confront the false image of mathematics & computing subjects. Furthermore, they are a powerful way to make these subjects creative and less fearsome. 

Mathematics occupies a special place in the present age of science and technology. If a student participates in math contests, she has a fair chance to become a good mathematician and after various sorts of competitions that will help him a lot in the future. 

He can use the awarded certificates to get scholarships and even boost up his CV. This is the very same reason math contests have been widely recognized.

  • Improve the relationship between students and teachers

When you are preparing for the competition, you get in touch with your teachers quite often, which improves your relationship with them. According to a survey, 17.2 % of boys & 21.9% of girls participate in the contest due to the encouragement of their teachers.

 Another study suggests that one-fifth of the women and quite a large portion of men would not have participated in any competition even if their teachers had not suggested they do.

Obviously, your teachers help you in getting involved or registered in the contest, help you get there, manage fees, and get prepared according to the contest dates. 

  • Motivate students

Such competitions motivate students' interest and passion about the relevant subject. This helps them to discover their talent by solving the challenges in a given amount of time. Moreover, these competitions increase the curiosity to learn about new things and develop precision.

Best mathematic competitions to participate

  • The Alan Turing cryptography competition 

This competition is for the students up to 11 years old. The school of management holds it at the University of Manchester. This competition new code is released for every team with their post to crack. Another competition run by the same institute is called the mathsbombe, which is worth participating in.

  • The UKMT individual and team competitions

This is undoubtedly one of the best complications for school students. They are organized for 11 to 18-year-old UK school students. The great thing about this competition is that they cater to the needs of every school participating and work closely with the pupil's abilities. They are a great way to provide the right support to individual schools.

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