Where is the Sub-Conscious Mind Located?

Most people know that the root cause for our struggles is in the sub conscious mind. We all are aware that we have a conscious and a sub conscious mind and the sub conscious mind is the powerful one of the two. Most of the time we are on cruise control and the sub conscious mind is running the show. The role of the conscious mind is to direct the sub conscious mind. However, to do this you need to be aware and be in the present moment.

Creating the life you desire.

If you are struggling to create the life you desire, chances are good that you have read books and listened to masters, been to seminars and perhaps you have heard it several times that the conflict between your mind and your sub conscious mind creates the blocks that prevents you from reaching your goals. You may have also heard that your inner world creates your outer world. In other words you cannot make changes in your life by reading books or going to seminars and listening to other people, you have to dive inside and make the changes. The gates of change open from within. Just like learning to play basketball; you cannot just read books about it or go to seminars; you have to go to the court to practice. Reflect on this thought for a minute; if you are not feeling well, you go to a dentist, a car mechanic or a physician? What if your car is not running well? You would take it to the doctor, a chiropractor or a car mechanic? So if you are struggling to create the life you desire and you are having the problem with the mind, wouldn’t it make sense to go to someone who knows about the mind and how to fix it?

Distinguishing Between the Brain and the Mind

Unfortunately, many people are not able to distinguish between the brain and the mind. Hence, it is not a wonder that a lot of people are not able to get the mind under their control. The mind and the brain are completely different things. The brain is tangible; you can see it and touch it. If you have a brain tumor the brain surgeon can get to it and remove the tumor. The mind, on the other hand, is intangible and it cannot be touched or seen or felt. The mind is a ball of thoughts. The thoughts, like everything else in the universe, including you, me and all the material things, are energy. It is my belief that the mind is not in us. It is outside of us. It is the part of the cosmic energy that envelopes us. This energy is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. We are connected with it all the time.

Just like we breath with our body, but the air is outside and it envelopes us, similarly, we use our brain to think and the thoughts are outside of us. Quantum physics states that everything in the universe is energy and at the lowest level where we deal with atoms and sub atoms we find that it is made of energy, light and information and is present in form of waves. Once we focus on the waves of these particles, it collapses into the shape of the matter we think of. In other words by using the thought force we can make the particles collapse in material form.

The mind is a force that is outside of us and is present everywhere. There is conscious mind, sub conscious mind and super conscious mind. The super conscious mind is referred to as the mind of God, the Source Energy, God, The Power, or Universal Mind. The mind energy stays in one of four different states. Fight, Flight, Freeze or Flow. The state of flow is the easiest state to manifest this energy into matter. However, it is imperative that the conscious, sub conscious and the universal mind get into a state of harmony, before you can get into the state of flow.

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