Perhaps you have a worry, and you want to talk about it with a doctor. You might be anxious about a possible hereditary condition. Or maybe you don’t have any specific concerns, but you’d still like to know how you are doing. Even if you have no known health complaint or issues, it is a good idea to undergo regular health screenings.

What is a health assessment?

A health assessment is a preventative health check that uses medical and non-invasive tests to give an overview of your current health.

A private health assessment can help you detect diseases in their early stage, limit the risk of complications if you have chronic conditions, keep a clear medical history, reduce healthcare costs and make you aware of vaccination, age-related screening, and tests. Most of all, regular health checks are demonstrated to increase your life span. 

What do we offer?

At Phoenix Hospital Group we offer an extensive range of screening packages that will provide you with a full assessment of your health and well-being. Conducted by experienced private health screening GPs and supplemented with world-class diagnostic equipment, our packages are designed to detect most major illnesses and conditions.

The doctor will help you decide which health assessment package is right for your age, needs, and medical history.

The packages we offer are all designed to detect key diseases before they become symptomatic. They are:

  • Health essentials, which includes a review of your medical history, a BMI check, blood pressure check, urinary dipstick, ECG to check for your heart’s health, other blood tests to check for your sugar and lipid profiles
  • Health essential plus, including the same tests of the health essentials plus an ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis
  • Health complete for males, including scrotum and testicular examination and ultrasound, CT of the chest, and even a head MRI
  • Health complete for female, including breast ultrasound (if under 40 years old) and mammogram (if over 40 years old).
  • Sexual health
  • Corporate and occupational health

What happens after a private health assessment

A health assessment will provide you with a better understanding of your health and personal risks. Your doctor will advise you on the lifestyle changes that you might want to adopt.

Good health isn’t just about managing ill health and treating disease, it’s about preventing it. With a private health assessment like the ones we offer at Phoenix Hospital Group, you will have peace of mind. It is an investment for your physical and mental health.

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