According to inferences made by Goldman Sachs, India is about to experience it's worst recession of all times. Amid this report and the visible signs of an economic slowdown, bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading activity in India has surged to levels never seen before.

Currently, the country is going through the 'sixth era of internet evolution' that will add another 350 million users over the next five years. This will lead to an exponential influx of traders/investors in the Indian cryptocurrency market.

Looking to join to explore digital assets yourself? Then it is important to zero down on an appropriate bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that will get you sorted with your BTC/crypto trades in India.

Fortunately, there are quite some options available to kickstart your crypto journey. But in all it's entirety, WazirX is the best cryptocurrency exchange in India. Here's why.

Lowest Fees Amongst All Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India

WazirX charges a flat 0.2 percent fee on all spot trades on the platform. This is the lowest amongst all bitcoin and crypto exchanges in India.

Also, the deposit and withdrawal fees for all cryptocurrencies on WazirX are super low. This is to encourage traders to earn more from their bets.

An additional benefit of trading cryptocurrencies on WazirX is the opportunity to use the Wazirx token (WRX) for paying trading fees. On being a WRX holder, you stand a chance to avail up to a 50 percent discount on all your crypto trades (on payment for trading fees with WRX tokens).

Responsive and Cooperative Customer Support

As a first time user of a bitcoin exchange, you will be facing several issues. But with WazirX's pretty cooperative and helpful customer support team you don't have to worry at all.

The support folks resolve grievances in the fastest possible time. They deal with every issue with the utmost professionalism and only close them only if the user feels satisfied with the resolution.

An Amazing Referral Program

With WazirX’s trade commission program, you can earn as much as you want. You can refer your friends and earn a 50% commission on every trade they make. All commissions are credited within 24 hours.

Best Bitcoin Exchange Rates in India

Bitcoin is a volatile asset. Cryptocurrency exchanges across the world need to do their due diligence in maintaining parity with global BTC exchange rates. WazirX is one such bitcoin exchange, that does its best to offer the best crypto transaction rates in India.

World's First P2P Exchange System

WazirX was the first exchange to develop an innovative and user-friendly P2P transfer system. Through P2P, it is super easy to access USDT liquidity for withdrawals, deposits, and trading bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Buyers and sellers can connect instantaneously for their USDT-INR exchanges.

WazirX Is Now A Part of Binance

Last year, global cryptocurrency exchange Binance acquired WazirX. This has upped WazirX's reputation as both of them will now work in unison to rapidly spread crypto awareness and boost digital asset adoption in India.

Also if you have an account on Binance, you can connect it with your WazirX account and use them interchangeably, transfer funds from one to another, free of cost.

Optimum Security

WazirX is India’s most secure cryptocurrency exchange. The team performs regular security audits to ensure that the platform is safe enough to buy and trade crypto assets.

Smart Token Fund(STF)
STF is a move by WazirX to support new, and unseasoned cryptocurrency traders, who do not know much about trading.

Through this effort, WazirX allows experienced traders to manage portfolios of beginners for a small fee on the profits earned. It is a pretty thoughtful step to help folks who are just starting.

Now Available Across 5 Platforms
WazirX offers a seamless and powerful crypto trading experience across all platforms – Web, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac apps.

$50 Million Blockchain Fund to Support Startups
Binance and WazirX have set up a $50 million fund as a part of the 'Blockchain for India' initiative. This is to promote and accelerate the growth of blockchain adoption and budding blockchain startups in India.

Blazing Transactions
WazirX can handle ‘millions’ of cryptocurrency transactions. The infrastructure is capable enough to scale up in a few seconds to match surging demand.

Something that you need, to buy your preferred cryptocurrency, especially in India, where there are millions of traders.

Functional and User-Friendly Design
Cryptocurrency trading on the WazirX platform is a super-fast experience. Before their foray in crypto, the core team behind WazirX has built technologies that are used by millions across the globe.

That experience has helped made WazirX a feature-rich but efficient crypto exchange.

Built by Blockchain Believers
WazirX is powered by a team of hardcore traders & passionate blockchain believers.

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