The thought of waterproofing helps avert the eating of water into the surface or walls. Waterproofing has been altering continually with the step up in architectural designs and accessibility of materials used while building. It has become an ordinary requirement these days to maintain your house dried out from roof to cellar. Keeping the walls dry also helps in preventing insect plague, mold and building failures. Waterproofing can decrease the wear and tear and boost the natural life of a structure too.

It's highly indispensable to waterproof your house earlier than the monsoon seasons as one might be apt to face issues like leakage of water into a house.

Read below to know about the various materials and techniques used in waterproofing solutions in Delhi.

• Bituminous treatment
• Metallic sheet wrapping
• Polyurethane waterproofing
• Box-type waterproofing
• Liquid membrane waterproofing

Bituminous Coating
Bituminous coating provides a supple coat defensive the exterior against water. Bituminous coating is also referred to as asphalt coating. These coatings are typically used on the concrete surface and are completed from petroleum bi-products. It is not appropriate to depict it to the daylight as they turn brittle and easily broken. Bitumen coating is first-rate beside sunlight when assorted with acrylic based polymers.

Bituminous Membrane
Like bituminous coating, the bituminous membrane is an additional accepted bathroom waterproofing products way used in low down sloped roofs. Bituminous membrane consists of asphalt, polymers, resins and oils, which pick up its adhesive individuality. A defensive screed is applied to the membrane to put it off from being hurt. The barely down side to using the bituminous membrane is its low lifetime and the condensed bonding property over time.

Polyurethane liquid membrane
Polyurethane liquid membrane is awfully trendy when waterproofing the roof area of a house. The roof comes below straight contact with the weathering and is horizontal to wear and tear. Polyurethane membrane is classy and the development of applying it is dreary.

As per the waterproofing contractors in Delhi, NCR, this membrane offers far above the earth litheness and is pretty responsive to the dampness in attendance on the surface. One has to weigh up the wetness satisfied on the surface prior to applying it to avoid peeling or de-bonding the membranes from the surface.

Liquid Membrane
Liquid membrane is a thin covering that frequently consists of a basic coverage coat and two top coats, which are useful across the exterior and rolled on. This liquid membrane cures into a very lithe rubbery covering with elongation properties. Liquid waterproofing material is really sturdy and can be shared with extra materials like adapted asphalt.

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