This is a serious question! Let’s explore this for a moment and let me help clarify exactly who you are, as you might not be who you think you are….

I was reading about the Ancient Romans recently and found that they were obsessed with the after life and being remembered after they had passed from this world. In the Western world, we often have a tombstone or plaque and on it are things like our name, date of birth and date of death . The Romans did the same, but they also in many cases added their occupation as their identification, as if this really mattered as their contribution to society when they had died.

It might seem weird to many of us today to put our occupation on the tombstone:

Simon Hurd: Life Coach

Sandra Smith: Mother

Rachael Jones: Solicitor

Although we don’t tend put our jobs on our tombstones, we really have not moved on from the Ancient Romans.


Lets explore this…….

How many times have you been asked at a party by someone that you have never met as an ice breaker: “So what do you do?”

We STILL seem to be identifying people as to their main occupation or profession.

If you think about it,IT’S NOT TRUE. Your true identity is not your profession. You are not your job! You Are Far More Than That.

A far more interesting question might be: “What are your dreams? or perhaps “How do you want to be best remembered?”

You might get some weird looks, but I guarantee its a better ice breaker than “What do you do?” I use the first one regularly and it gets people thinking. Most people however get embarrassed or simply don’t know.

This has to be a far more significant and revealing question than knowing what someone does for a living and ten times more interesting, unless the person you are speaking to is an astronaut.

It’s much more relevant to know how you go about doing your job and living your life – by this the iam part of you or the way you are or choose to “be” than what you actually do.

You could be a great doctor helping many people, and you could also be an absolute brute of a person. As someone who is interested more in how humans are or in “human beings” I want to know how the person really is and think that this is far more important to us when our time is up – what were you really like as a person.

The question is, how do you want to live your life, wherever you are now, whatever you do?

You can live it on Purpose, by identifying your values, your highest contribution and attitudes and bring these in to all parts of your life. This includes bringing your Purpose in to your relationships with others and yourself, your family, your job or work, and to every other aspect of your life.

So when your time is up, would you rather see your job on your tombstone or your Purpose?

Does this speak more highly of you for future generations?

Simon Hurd: I Served the Purpose of Empowering People

Sandra Smith: I Served the Purpose of Passionate Joy and Love

Rachael Jones: I Served the Purpose of Being Truth

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My name is Richard Jacobs. I have had the privilege of coaching over 100,000 people in seminars and workshops. One of these seminars.... probably life's most important question was turned into a book - "What's Your Purpose? Seven Questions to find your answer". I developed a whole system to find and live your Purpose with follow up programs - how to create the Attitude that most makes you sing and the Means to achieve your goals while keeping a smile on your face.
This programme has created amazing results for people. Finding their Purpose brings them clarity, confidence, joy, improves their relationships and brings them greater success. It's a life-changer.
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