Spring skiing is pure bliss, particularly if you are heading for the pristine slopes of the Austrian Alps. Great spring weather, perfect snow conditions, amazing vertical drops, delectable cuisine, and friendly hospitality make Austria a perfect late season ski vacation destination.

1. Fewer people

In the end of February to May, when the ski season starts to warm-up, the ski slopes tend to be less populated with resorts offering bargains to attract skiers. In late ski season, there’s no need to arise at the crack of dawn to avoid long lift lines, and it’s best to let the sun have a chance to warm up icy spots before hitting the morning slopes.

2. Vertical Drops

Austrian vertical drops are legendary and are what matters most to the avid skier. It is the difference in altitude from the highest lift-served point to the end of the ski run itself, and in Austria that usually means the village at the bottom of the valley. Vast vertical drops allow skiers to enjoy long uninterrupted runs and avoid overcrowded lift lines.

3. High Altitude Skiing

As the lower altitude ski conditions grow slushy with the springtime sunshine, higher snowfields and glaciers offer near perfect snow conditions. Popular resorts that offer a high altitude venue for spring skiing are:

• Solden- is located in the Otztal valley in Tyrol and boasts a vertical drop of 6,181 ft./ 1,874 m., a resort elevation of 4,544 ft./1,376 m., and a highest lift-served point of 10,725 ft./3,250 m.

• St. Anton-is located in Tyrol, western Austria. St. Anton has a vertical drop of 4,970 ft. /1,507 m., a resort elevation of 4,304 ft./1,304 m., and a highest lift-served point of 9,273 ft. /2,811 m.

• Innsbruck-is the capital city in Tyrol, western Austria. Innsbruck has an impressive vertical drop of 5,547 ft. /1680 m., a resort elevation of 1,897 ft./575 m., and a highest lift-served point of 7,444 ft. /2,255 m.

4. Affordability

Austrian ski vacation packages rival and often exceed those of American ski packages in terms of overall value. With food, transportation, lift tickets, taxes and tips all factored in, a spring ski vacation in the beautiful Austrian Alps can turn out to be less expensive than a ski trip to the Rockies.

5. Hospitality

Austria is renown for its reputation in friendliness and warmth. Visitors are welcomed and catered to with exquisite food, cozy comfortable accommodations and entertaining nightlife.

By planning a spring ski vacation in the Austrian Alps, be prepared to enjoy excellent snow conditions, sunshine and unique Tyrolean culture.

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