Blog traffic and lots of it is the goal of any respectable blogging platform but unfortunately not every site attracts new followers! In many cases it is because the site is not updated enough but even posting fresh blog content regularly is not always a guarantee people will flock to your platform!

Here are 5 reasons many blogging sites have difficulty in attracting a strong and steady flow of visitors to their site!

It's NOT About You

You make yourself the focus of the site and quite frankly people have little or no interest in you! Most of the popular blogging sites present substance or material that is of interest and benefit to those who visit the platform. Unless you are a highly recognizable and interesting celebrity, most people will not be attracted to a blogging platform dedicated to things about you, sorry!

Promoting Too Much

Even if you are trying to earn an income you MUST remember that visitors did not arrive on your site to be sold. The blog content you offer them must primarily focus on the niche you are in which of course is of interest to the people who visit. Constantly pushing products upon your visitors will have the same reaction as turning on the lights does with cockroaches, they will quickly scatter and leave!

Not Informative

You must consistently give visitors a reason to return which is of course good quality information relevant to their interest/your niche! Failure to do so will result in a very lonely blogging platform for you along with wasted effort and time as well! People read blog content to be informed, intrigued or entertained and if they are not they will not return let alone refer your site to others!

Social Sharing Neglected

Even if you offer a very positive experience to those who visit your blogging platform, if you do not make it easy for them to share their experience they likely will not! The fastest way to increase your own exposure is through the recommendations of others and the easiest way for them to do so is through social networks! Make available buttons or tabs on your site that visitors can conveniently click to connect to their favorite social network in order to share what they read! Can you say viral?

Not Involving Visitors

People need to feel involved when they land on your blog. Remember, blogs were the forerunner of online social sites and this means people need to feel a part of what is going on when they land on your platform. You can help initiate this feeling by becoming more engaging with the blog content you post. Direct your discussion more towards the reader by asking questions or even soliciting their opinions. By doing so you will help create a greater sense of community on the blog!

Getting blog traffic to your site is dependent upon two simple rules which are to keep the blogging platform updated and to serve your readers! However because of a lack of drive or maybe even focus many blogging sites encounter difficulty in attracting the type traffic they need and/or want. 5 common reasons for this dilemma are discussed above and in most cases the problem is found in either the blog content or site design. In either case the solution is not a difficult one and ultimately can be traced back to a simple loss of focus on the part of the site administrator!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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