Women can get married and have children when they reach the age of marriage and child-bearing. However, some female friends after several years of marriage have not been pregnant successfully. The initial examination showed that there are eggs, but then they found there is no ovulation. This condition can be very painful for some women who suffer from infertility. These female friends really want to know why the eggs can not be discharged.

There are usually three factors that can lead to this problem, according to the doctors' views.

1.Blocked fallopian tubes

If a woman's fallopian tubes become blocked, her eggs will not come out easily, especially when the blockage occur in the junction between the uterine tubes and the ovaries. In clinical practice, there are many things that can lead to the tubal blockage in female reproductive system. For example, the pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis are common diseases in females, which can give rise to pelvic adhesion and tubal blockage if left untreated for a long period of time.

In these cases, females should get the diseased tissues removed first. Usually, surgery is an effective method while it can also cause damage to the female body. So if your condition is not that serious, there are also other ways you can try, such as the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Commonly, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill
is a classic formula of Chinese medicine, which features a great effect on dispersing inflammations and dispelling painful symptoms. What's more, it has no side effects, so it does no harm to the female body. When you have gotten the inflammations and diseased tissues removed, your uterine tubes will be well unclogged, and you can be able to develop a better physical condition to get pregnant as you have expected for a long time.

2.Premature ovarian failure

Some female friends have premature ovarian failure, which can lead to the existence of eggs, but the survival rate of eggs is relatively low. And there's not much force during ovulation, so maybe the follicles just don't come out easily. Premature ovarian failure in female friends can occur in the company of many symptoms such as amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, decreased skin elasticity and so on.

The etiology of premature ovarian failure is relatively complex, and there is no complete radical cure method, but it can be alleviated through chemical drugs and herbal medicines. In the diet at ordinary times, besides absorbing sufficient quantity of protein, the woman needs to take in enough vitamin, adipose, carbohydrate and mineral substance, to avoid the occurrence or aggravation of premature ovarian failure.

3.Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Doctors point out that the polycystic ovarian syndrome is also a common reason why there is no ovulation when the eggs exist naturally. After suffering from the disease, female friends can suffer from symptoms such as insufficient menstruation, excessive androgen, excessive hair growth, skin with large pores and so on.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the most common causes related to the female infertility. Early treatment of this disease has a certain curability in most cases. But if not treated in time, you may be suggested to bypass the problem, and try IVF to get a child. And usually, your doctors can give you a suitable advice based on your condition.

It is hoped that all females can have a comprehensive understanding of these factors that affect fertility and female health. Females should also have a comprehensive physical examination before they get married and before they become pregnant, and then they should prepare for pregnancy under the advice of doctors, which can help to make the fetus more healthy, and also make females have better physical health after pregnancy.

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