Lift tables are an essential automation product in any factory. Their main function is to help lift heavy loads in the factory such as pallets.

We are the leading manufacturers and retailers of various types of lift tables is Sax Lift. We have gained years of experience perfecting the trade and skill of providing high quality and functional lift tables.

Here is why we should be your first option whenever you think of lift tables.

Years of experience

When it comes to automation products, you need tested and verified products. And from Sax Lift, this is what you get.

We have been manufacturing and selling lift tables to manufacturing entities for over two decades now. Our products are highly fine-tuned to make sure that what our customers need is what they get.

With our many years of existence, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product for a competitive price.

Ease of access

If you need a lift table in your factory, all you need to do is get online and visit for a quick perusal of the product catalog.

You can quickly contact us on the website and make your order. You can even order for a customized lift table if none of the available products suit your needs.

Quick delivery

Once you have been in contact with the company, you can expect to have your lift table delivered to you quickly.

Depending on your location from our nearest distribution center or factory, you can expect to have your lift table within 24 hours of making your order. This ensures that you are able to quickly get to work and enhance your productivity.


Over the years, we have enhanced our production process to ensure that we can produce and sell high-quality products at affordable competitive prices.

Our prices are friendly and our products are affordable to any company, big or small that needs one. Buying a lift table from Sax Lift is a good financial investment as you are sure to get your return on investment fast.

High-quality products

One aspect of the business that Sax Lift takes pride in the quality of our products. They are produced with the best materials available. This ensures that the lift table you get at your factory is durable and high quality.

Our products rarely break down, thus providing value to your organization. You will rarely incur any repair costs. All you need to do on your part is to use the product regularly and to keep it in good working condition. This will allow it to serve you for longer without ever breaking down.

Customized products

If you need a different kind of lift table, Sax Lift is there for you. All you need to do is contact us for a discussion on your needs. With our competent and highly experienced design and engineering teams, we will come up with a fully customized product to meet your specific needs.


At, you are sure to find a variety of lift tables. The lift tables vary in the price, lift-weight capacity, and design. You can get a lift table that fits your budget, factory size, and the type and weight of materials that you intend to lift.

Any type of lift table that you require, you are sure to get it here.

Ergonomic design lift tables

With the focus on occupational health and safety, our lift tables are designed to be comfortable to work with regardless of the work you put them to.

We seek to ensure that all factories with our equipment are safe and ensure that everyone who works with our lift tables looks forward to going to work.


Sax Lift is a world leader in the production of lift tables. We are widely acknowledged for our high quality and durable products. You can trust us to deliver a lift table for all your needs.

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