Before we try and understand the reasons of why Classroom Adaptive Preparation for MPPSC could be advantageous for you, let’s understand why coaching should be done for MPPSC entrance and how you can increase your chances of getting selected to most precarious exam of Madhya Pradesh, India.
How to increase the chances of getting selected in MPPSC exam?
PSC entrance examinations such as MPPSC are very competitive. Hence, most of the students need and seek professional guidance. Most students opt for classroom traditional MPPSC coaching, a small percentage of students opt for mppsc online coaching classes course or smaller variants of the classroom traditional MPPSC coaching such as Mock MPPSC Test Series or Personal Interview Preparation.
How does classroom traditional MPPSC coaching help?
Classroom traditional MPPSC coaching offers a good mix of standard material and classroom guidance through subject experts. Typically, it also includes a Mock MPPSC series with rankings/percentiles and tutoring for the personality assessment stage once the results of the aptitude assessment stage are out. So, it gives one a platform to practice.
What are the limitations of classroom traditional MPPSC coaching?
There are 2 significant limitations of classroom traditional classroom coaching:
1. It invariably offers a standard module to everyone and it treats you in the same manner as everyone else. It functions like an assembly line system
2. It is used by a vast majority of students – hence, in relative terms also, your chances of success do not increase much
So, despite its noble intentions, most students do not gain much from a classroom traditional MPPSC coaching in indore
Why is classroom traditional coaching no longer as effective?
One major reason why classroom traditional MPPSC coaching fails to deliver on its promise is that it is outdated. While life around us has changed immensely over the past 20 odd years (you wouldn’t even remember those days when you used to go to a post-office to send a hand-written letter to a dear friend, would you?), classroom traditional MPPSC coaching hasn’t. The following visual should amplify the fact that it is time for change!
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