These days, various E-cig are more demanding, and many brands are introducing multiple new products. The size, shape and ingredients of these devices vary. Brands are now looking for better technology to increase the customer adaptability and usability of their products.

For this the brands are looking for more variations such s the reusable or disposable variants as needed by the users.
The Puff Bar is the kind of e-cig that is made as a disposable device after the e-liquid in it is entirely used.

The Puff Bar is also called the Salt Water Smoker. It is demanded as a simpler, affordable gadget and does not need any prior experience to use the device.

Let us quickly check the reasons why Puff Bars gained popularity –

It is easy to use
Puff Bar is a vape device that does not need to be refilled after the e-juice is used up, unlike other e-cig equipment, including vape pens and mods. You have to simply make an effort to open the package and take the puff. It is the best option for smokers who are switching over to the e-cigarette option. Moreover, you need not essentially have any previous knowledge of using it.

It is a no-maintenance gadget
The disposable Puff Bar is a one-time usage device. The device does not have any complex parts. A Puff Bar does not run out of charge, and you do not have to run around finding the recharging device. It has a 280mAh battery that will last through the 1.3 ml of nicotine salt in one Puff Bar.

The Puff Bar should be disposed of safely when the e-liquid in the Puff Bar entirely used. It cannot be refilled or recharged when the vapour runs out.

It is comfortable and portable
The Puff Bar is a vaping device that is a slender and light-weight disposable device. It is an excellent option for light and heavy smokers to get nicotine satisfaction and flavours when planning to stop the habit of burning tobacco.

The Puff Bar is so tiny device that it fits in a pocket, which is as big as a USB flash drive. The primary parts of the Puff Bar are a charged battery and have e-liquid stored inside it.

It is cost-efficient compared to other e-cig products
Puff bars are easy to buy and known as pocket-friendly. The e-liquid in the Puff Bar can be used for a longer time, hence making it cheaper than other devices. The time or days a Puff Bar could be used may differ from user to user. On average, it offers over 300 puffs, which means it is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. So, as an average user, it will meet your nicotine needs for about 2-3 days. For instance, the Beco Bar is available with the prefilled e-liquid and charged battery, which is sufficient to deliver close to 300 puffs bursting with flavour, the equivalent of up to 20 cigarettes.

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