Someone also pointed out that many bi women who marry men are polyamorous or have open relationships and are still involved with women. These things suggest the idea that bi women end up with men isn't as simple as it appears. Yes, it is not a simple concept for either gender. Many bisexual men identify as straight because their primary relationship is with a woman and occasionally have sex with men. It happens to women as well, but observation as a therapist is that women often become emotionally attached to their lovers, while men, out of fear, stay emotionally detached.

There is a higher percentage of straight men who are cool with bi women than women, no matter the sexual identifier, who are cool dating bi women. Have you tried the dating apps but they're frustrating with women because 90% of the time it's couples looking for a third or a woman just trying to use your sexuality to experiment? But have to admit, it's much easier to find a date in a group of bisexuals than finding a date in a group of mixed ( straight, lesbian, gay, kinky) sexual orientations.

If you want a child, It's much cheaper to find a man to make that happen though. Also, men are way easier to find and date. And on a very subconscious level, it is just easier to be with men. Less explaining to family, easy option to start a family.

Reduce discrimination. Although people are more open-minded and more tolerant, there are still many people who discriminate against bisexual and LGBTQ people, and in many cases, they even rise to personal attacks.

If you are a bisexual who insists on monogamy, it is hard to find a suitable partner. You don't feel like missing out and you don't feel like you have to be with a certain number of women to prove your attraction to them. Please try to follow your feelings which ended up with another female or male.

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